What's normal/not normal, before and after Colposcopy and LLETZ?

Hi all,

Just checking/confirming if everything is Ok or if you’ve had the same. Other than the following below, I think I’m healing normally, and hardly any discomfort :slight_smile:

I’m 36 and for a few years, I’ve had irregular periods, some starting around 23 days, 25, 28, 30 from month to month. The flow and duration seemed different too. I have had a copper coil fitted and removed too. I was always like clock work before the above, with similar flow and duration. PHISH, thyroid and iron blood tests have been normal. On Tuesday, I had a LLETZ to remove CIN3 cells removed.

Q 1) Have any of you had trouble with irregular periods before being referred to Colposcopy?
I’m wondering if there’s a link, coil or not.

Now a few days after LLETZ treatment: Yesterday, I had a few hours of bleeding, which I thought was my early period, obviously not. However, I woke up early hours of today, finding my knickers and PJ bottoms wet, but not bloody. I wasn’t sure if it’s watery discharge, or embarrassingly, I’ve peed myself in my sleep (which is not like me, honest! :slight_smile: Sorry for the tmi.)

Q2) Any ladies here, had this?

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:


I'm 37 and have been having issues with my cycle since xmas.

Bleeding every 2 weeks had to take tablets to stop the bleeding 3 times. On the pill now so constant bleeding has stopped.

I had a punch biopsies last week. Getting the results tomorrow.

I too have had watery discharge sometimes coloured sometimes clear but daily.

I was told to keep and eye on it and If it changed in texture or smell let my GP know.

The dr doing the colsoscopy said she thinks I have an etropian as the cervix was very vascular. 

Best of luck with your results. Try not to worry too much xxxx


I've had irregular bleeding the past couple of years, but we haven't identified a cause. My GP thought I might have entered peri-menopause, but I also have a Mirena coil which can itself cause irregular bleeding, so who knows?

The watery discharge is apparently not-uncommon after a LLETZ - it's essentially the wound weeping. If you get a foul-smelling discharge it could be a sign of an infection, so if anything seems amiss call your doctor.

Hope you feel better soon (the indignities our bodies put us through!)