What's normal after Lletz?

Hello everyone, I hope this is the right place to post.
I had my first abnormal smear result 3 years ago and went for a colposcopy, but chickened out of having a biopsy. Then I did the same for the next 2 years. I think I thought that if I ignored it, then it would go away. Silly I know, seeing I have HPV.
In September this year, I had a further colposcopy and received a letter saying that the consultant wanted to do another, discuss my results and do a plan of treatment.
I went on Wednesday and had the colposcopy, along with LLETZ and diathermy. I took my husband with me and cried the entire time, and in the car on the way home.
The consultant took a biopsy and told me it will be 4 weeks for the results.
They didn’t give me much information about recovery though. Just that I should expect some discharge, no sex for four weeks, no swimming, and no tampons.
Sorry for the TMI, but at the moment I’m leaking fluid. It’s honey coloured and now has what looks like grit in it!?!
I’ve not had any blood, but It feels like I’ve wet myself. Is this normal?? I’m also really bloated and sore ‘down there’.
I’m trying not to worry about my results coming because my younger sister called me in tears on Thursday saying that her smear has come back abnormal and I’m taking her to her colposcopy tomorrow:(
Sorry if this very long winded, but having some advice from someone who knows will help me.
Thanks xx

Hi Mrsmyth - I had LLETZ treatment 2 weeks ago and from what you have described, I would say that is totally normal - mine started like that then I started bleeding after about 4 days but that seems to have stopped now.  The gritty type stuff you mentioned maybe where they cauterise the tissue to stop the bleeding after the LLETZ treatment - I have also had this too.  If you do think it is excessive, a trip to the docs to see if you have an infection so they can put you on anti-biotics would put your mind at rest. I also felt really bloated and had mild cramps but a bit of paracetamol or ibuprofen eases that - it did pass with me after about 10 days.  

L x

Hi I'm not a expert but I had my first lletz a few weeks ago I was a mess the discharge is normal it's your cervix healing keep a eye out for any iffy smells contac doctor if it smells unpleasant as a lot of us have got a infection post lletz but easily treated with some antibiotics you may get a bit of heavy bleeding too bit like a period which is normal but if your ever worried phone docs or clinic , I had discharge mixed colour and bits of looked like grit first few days then a bout of bleeding, hopefully some of the other ladies will let you know too , just try and take.it easy my foo hurt a lot after and had lower back pain I think too it's normal not to bleed for a.few days after just discharge , you should hopefully get your results soon and they will write to you ie discharge for 6 months then smear again or possible another lletz but every one is different so sorry your going through this and your sister too but you have come to the right place the ladies on here are fab all the best Jo x

I had lletz 5 weeks ago and had 2 infections that wouldn't clear! Once I was over the infections i started getting the black bits which my doctor said shows I'm healing so don't worry :) 

waiting for results is very nerve racking but try to keep yourself busy. I waited 3 weeks for mine and they were very positive 


Hi Mrsmyth-

I've just had my first abnormal smear result and so had lletz last week. 

My experience is very similar. I had some brown gritty discharge for a few days which has now settled into light pinky yellow very watery discharge. From reading everyone's posts this seems to be normal- though annoyingly isn't in any advice pamphlet that I've seen!- and just due to inflammation following the treatment. It's only been a week though so I am also half expecting fresh bleeding/this to go on for some time. J x

Hi Mrssmyth,

I cried too, both times. I just couldn't stop myself!

Discharge wise be prepared to expect all manner of things oozing out for a few weeks. The yellowy stuff is the solutions they use and healing fluid (like the clear stuff that comes out of a wound after bleeding has stopped), black gritty bits are the cauterised flesh (scabs) which fall off from about a week or so after. I have had constant bleeding (period like, not excessively heavy) for 3 weeks now but it finally looks like it is slowing down and I have graduated to a panty liner! Looking forward to a hot bath and taking that sorry look off Mr suzysooz's face in a week or two.

Big hugs, look after yourself. It is a scary and unpleasant thing whatever way you look at it, hope all goes ok for your sister too, makes you realise quite how often it happens. 

Results wise, I called both times after 2 weeks when I could't bear it any longer and had a lovely lady read my letter out over the phone. I would highly recommend it