Whats normal after Lletz?????

Hi ladies, i had my Lletz just over a week ago, just had a discharge for the first 5 days. Then on tuesday i came on i’m assuming i did anyway, i’m usually on heavy ay first then it gets lighter. This time its 3rd day of being on and its getting heavier n i’m starting to feel abit ill, wondered if this was normal??? I’m not sure what to think.

Hi Sharon,

This is a very good question. It seems that everybody reacts to LLETS in slightly different way. It is 3 weeks after I had my LLETS procedure. The bleeding was reasonable in the first two weeks getting heavier and lighter but I was struggling to walk properly, bend or sit for the first five days and had to sleep on my back as it was sore to sleep on a side. After 18 days and my examination under general anaesthetic the bleeding suddenly stopped and changed into a mild discharge (yellowish brownish with no smell - sorry for details). I also feel very sensitive in my groin towards left side. Not sure whether it is normal or not and just like you don't know what to think. There is so much information on the internet and some of it contradicts - so just keep monitoring your condition and if you feel very worried contact your GP. I am going to the hospital tomorrow so will try to find somebody to ask more questions :)

Jelena xxx


Hi Sharon,

I felt ok after mine and bled lightly for a few days but at the same time it started to get a bit smelly... On day 6 I was brave and went to dr to talk about it who just gave me antibiotics! Once I started these the bleeding seems to stop although I did have a thickish discharge continue until I had my next period (which will actually turn out to be the last one I will ever have!! (One advantage of all this...) which was a day or two earlier than expected and very heavy, so much blood!! And had to wear pads... Ummm...

By reading on here, it seems everyone is different though. Hope that helps!


Thanks ladies, maybe its just because of the Lletz, that i’m on really heavy. I managed to leak all over my bloomin bed last night, err hate only being able to use pads. I think i’ll monitor it and ring my gp if it doesn’t get any better. Thanks again ladies x