What's normal after biopsy?

I had a colposcopy and a pinch biopsy yesterday and I'm bleeding quite heavily. They said i t would need to wear pads but I wasn't expecing it to be this bad- yesterday it leaked everywhere- through my knickers and my pajama bottoms (sorry for tmi) :oops: Today I can feel it when it's about to happen- it's like a weird warm feeling then it just kind of rushes out- usually I can feel it just in time to get to the toilet. I'm also having a LOT of clots they're so big i can feel them :( (tmi again!) Also. like a lot of other people, the attitude of my doctor has really freaked me out- when i first spoke to her she was patronising and quite rude. She could see I was terrified and whilst I was listening to her I was quite quiet- she stopped talking and barked "do you speak English?!" (which I'm sure she could see from my notes that I'm English) She sort of sighed and rolled her eyes and said "you DON'T have cancer" I asked if she was certain from the smear and she was quite blunt and said she was pretty sure and it's very unlikely, and that I would get the results in 4 weeks Then when we spoke more she was concerned as I have been bleeding a lot (which is why i went for my overdue smear) After the colopscopy she was much more friendly, but also quite quiet :? She said the results would be with me in 1 week- which scared me as she had previously said 4 weeks. It just seemed that half an hour before she was so complacent and insisted I didn't have cancer, then after taking a look she wouldn't give a straight answer :( I'd have much rather have known the truth my boyfriend asked her if she could see anything, if it was cancer and she stuttered a lot and said the results would show if it was. I know I might be reading too much into this but how did it go from 4 weeks for results to one week.. I'm really really scared, The waiting is the worst :(

You really need to ring the hospital it definitely isn’t normal to bleed that much! I only had very slight blood stained after each of mine so I don’t think this is something u should ignore!
Im sorry u had a horrible doctor :frowning: mine was too! Why is it so had for them to treat us with compassion and understanding especially when it is such a scary thing for m8st women!
That does sound strange that she told you 4 weeks 1st the changed to 1 week but with no explanation! It’s better to be prepared that it may not be as straightforward rather than second guessing it and having all sorts of things running through your mind!
I hope u get good news and that awful doctor has scared u unnecessarily.
Bex xx

hi misscupcake, this is such a terrifying unknown time isnt it. I really feel for you and the waiting for results is awful. I had lletz done yesterday aswell and i am also worried about what bleeding is ‘normal’. On the sheet she gave me it says you will have some slight staining and discharge. I am the same as you, i can feel when the bloods going to come out and i run to the loo. Its bright red like fresh blood so im scared incase the wound isnt sealed properly or something. I will scream if i have to get something else done up there again after what happened yesterday. I find it so sore for them to do anything :frowning:

:frowning: I’m sorry to hear you’re going through this. It is a very scary time, specially with the doc not giving you any information. The waiting and not knowing is absolute torture. I found it helped to try and get into things that took my whole concentration, like crosswords or computer games. Sometimes I could actually forget all about my cervix for a couple of hours at a time, which was a nice break from the constant fretting and worrying.

Your bleeding does sounds excessive. You should get yourself to a hospital or doctor and have it checked. After my LLETZ, the paperwork I got said if I had bleeding heavier than a period, I should get myself seen.

Take good care of you, and don’t be afraid to seek medical advice if you’re worried about anything. Don’t let the experience with that one rude doctor put you off seeking help if you need it. big hugz

its amazing that you can go from never even thinking about your cervix to it being the only thing you think about! she’s never had so much attention :oops:

I really feel for you, its a horrible time and the waiting is hard because its the unknown. If you are worrying about the bleeding you should def get in contact with your doctor just to put your mind at rest


I totally hear you hula-hoop! The only thought I’ve ever given to my reproductive system is what a pain in the butt it’s monthly reminder is, but for the last 4 months or so, the whole thing has been the largest thing in my life!

Thanks for your replies

I’ve just had a call from the hospital asking me to go in on friday to get my results- they won’t give any details at all over the phone (which is annoying because if it is bad news i’d rather know now in the comfort of home than in a horrible hospital in a grotty area all by myself and a train ride away from home :frowning: )

I’m even more freaked out now- it seems very very quick to have have my colposcopy on monday and get my results friday :frowning:
The receptionist sounded so sad as well- I know I’m getting carried away again and reading into things but she sounded very sympathetic even though all she said was to come and get my results…


just wanted to give you a big hug and wish you luck for Friday - no ppint in me saying dont worry as that would make me a complete hypocrite but you’ll deal with the news whatever! Will you be taking someone with you?

Regarding the bleeding, I had my lletz on 24/9 and bled quite heavily for a full week then started to reduce but then my period started with a vengeance! I still have discharge from lletz but was told yesterday that was normal.

Lots of positive thoughts and warm wishes

thank you andrea.
My boyfriend is a teacher so it’s really hard to get time off but he’s been really lucky to be able to work around monday and will be able to be there friday as well. (i still haven’t told my mum as she have a tenancy to gossip and make everything about her :? hopefully it wont be serious enough that i need to tell her!)

I was following your story on anther thread and saw you had an appointment yesterday but didn’t see the results yet- hope everything went ok for you.xx

Hi, was not the outcome I hoped for but am coping. Its stage 2b but could have been worse. Will get there somehow and the support on here is like nothing I’ve ever experienced. You take care xx

sorry to hear that, big hugs to you, hope it all goes well. feel free to pm me if you ever need someone else to chat to.xx

Sorry to hear this ,such a horriable doctor you have ,i don’t have any experience but all the best for you hope you will recover soon!


Just wanted to wish you luck with your results today :slight_smile:

Best wishes
Kirsty xxx

Thinking about you today hun xxx

Hi everyone 

New to the website and wondered how long the ladies who experienced heavy bleeding lasted for after biopsy? 


Had my first colposcopy this morning with three biopsys taken, two which bled excessively during the procedure. 


I hope your results were ok misscupcake 

Hi I'm new here too. I'm in the same position had 3 punch biopsies on Tuesday this week and I'm bleeding very heavily with large clots that I feel coming and I need to rush to the loo. Surely that's not right? 

Hi I just had a colposcopy and after I had a massive jelly like clot. I’m so freaked out by it. Any advice