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Hi All, sat in my kitchen looking at a half eaten sourdough (hence the name), and reading this thread, and wanted to share as well as get any tips from some seasoned pros.

Little summary history of my HPV (New term I’ve gifted it: unHappy P Vagina - I know its the cervix that is actually the issue, but I’ve got to make it fun somehow):

  • Age 25, had my first ever smear Feb of this year (shout out to the first timers reading this - go get your smears!)
  • Tested positive for HPV with Low grade dyskaryosis and called for a colposcopy
  • Colposcopy in April, which then revealed High risk HPV, CIN High Grade (3). Had a biopsies taken and awaiting the results…

This takes me to present day, where I am worried in my kitchen (really I should be worrying that I dont have any suncream to prepare me for this great sunny day). Been reading a lot and desperately trying to find statistics/info on the different treatments I am likely about to be offered in my results letter (and being greeted by factual language, instead of personal experience), and wondering if anyone has any useful links they have found on the following:

  • Experiences of the different treatments likely to get offered - Cold knife conization/LEEP/Lazer/Cryotherapy
  • What are the possible risks of these treatment? Particularly focusing on if any will effect Fertility / if I ever wanted to have kids in the future (As I’m pretty young so dont want it to effect/play with this if its possible not to. It seems they dont but would be good to get more info on)

Im sure this is all very easy to find and out there, but evidently my head isnt able to find it at this present moment.

Thanks all!


Hi sourdough! Great name and reframe of HPV - unhappy is right. :wink:

When I had my first LLETZ ten+ years ago, what stayed with me was the (slight) risk, in case of pregnancy, of early labour, because your womb is effectively weakened following removal of the affected cells. Fast forward ten years, I had to have a second LLETZ (also for CIN3), I’ve had no kids and don’t plan to, so that part is moot for me.

I just had the procedure a few days ago, and so starts the long wait for results. I was however, pleased that even under a local-only anaesthetic, I found 2nd time easier than the first.

Hope that helps somewhat…

I had Lettz recently for CIN3 I asked about alternatives and she said Lettz is pretty much standard nowadays, I also watched some videos on a site about this stuff and one woman who had another method (The laser) had so much bleeding and issues afterwards. I didn’t have any bleeding after Lettz but since my period have had more of a slight discharge but it’s only been about 2 weeks since I had it done.

The do say your first period after can be heavier.

You can have a baby but with the Leep (Lettz) you would have more checks and monitoring, the way I saw it was there wasn’t really much choice as I didn’t want to leave CIN3 hanging around!!

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Hi Sourdough

I can’t offer you much advice but I am in pretty much the exact same situation as you. First smear at 25 in March, low grade cell changes & HPV, colposcopy impression was CIN1 but biopsy has come back as CIN3. They initially told me to wait 6 months for a repeat colposcopy which I had confirmed in. 2nd opinion privately, which apparently is standard at our age - your treatment plan may need to be discussed in their multidisciplinary meeting before offering you anything, either a watch wait & monitor or treatment. I have personally found my NHS clinic to be really pants at sharing information, so have of course researched myself and really hoping to avoid LLETZ if I can. Everywhere online says CIN3 won’t go away on its own but both consultants I have spoken to said 50/50 it can in your 20s if healthy. Hope this helps and please reach out if you want to talk as I know exactly how you must be feeling.

All the best x