Whats next!?

Hey ladies just feeling a bit scared!! After havng my second Lletz 3 three weeks ago and havin numerous infections, i now find out the margins again are not clear!

Due to some discomfort i have been getting I have been offered an appointment with my colposcopy consultant tomorrow morning, Im not sure what the next step is although Im thinking it could be a hysterctomy.

Ah we shall see tomorrow just feeling soo nervous xx

Hi Boggis. I am due to have a second LLETZ in a couple of weeks. I had my first one 10 weeks ago, but like yourself, I had an infection so they wanted to wait a while before doing the second one. At the first one I was told I had CIN3. When I came back for the results (and another colposcopy) I was told that the margins were not clear after doing the LLETZ and that I also had CGIN (that wasnt mentioned at the first appointment). I hope to God that they get clear margins the second time, becuase if a hysterectomy is the next step after that, well that is just terrifying!

Good luck tomorrow!

Hi Boggis,


What a stresssful time for you. Sorry to hear the second LLETZ didnt work. They may be able to a cone biopsy or trachelectomy if it is still confined to the cervix. Im not sure your age or family situation but they will take all that into consideration. Glad that you have an appointment tomorrow...one restless night is enough for anyone.


Best wishes,


Hey ladies, thank you for the replies, well seen my consultant and due to my not having any more children and the cells being excessive I have been put on the urgent hysterectomy list.

I am only 33 so still quite young i feel but i need to think of my health, feeling quite emotional and weird about the whole situation!

Hi Boggis, i just wanted to say i understand how you are feeling, as i have had 10 years of abnormal smears and 3 leetz procedures , but my consultant and myself have decided a hysterectomy is my next step forward to end my years of abnormalities. I have been delayed for the past 4 weeks due to internal results getting lost in the system.Now thiey have been recieved by my consultant i have an appointment on Tuesday to discuss my hysterectomy. Just want to say your not alone i too have felt the same as you but your health does come first .    Keep in touch we maybe able to help each other through our next journey .

jJackie x 

Thank you Jackie 50, its weird, im not sure how im feeling! I was told by my maternity consultant not to have anymore children after my youngest, my husband had the snip! So needless to say i wasnt having anymore children, but I feel really weird about the whole situation and cant put my finger on it! I am on the urgent list so hoping it gets done sooner rather than later, i just want it done and dusted xx