What's histology? and how much longer?

Hi ladies

i was wondering I have been on the forum for a month now and have seen the term histology a lot, forgive my lack of knowledge but what is this and where does it happen in the process?

on an unrelated note just want to say I'm struggling a bit with the waiting for my stage.  I know there is no point in venting but it sometimes helps.  My MDT is wed and they have basically said they will be in touch at some point after that to get me to come into the clinic to telol me.  I'm trying so hard to be strong but realistically it will be another week before I know.  I know there are so many of us in the same boat it just seems just a horrible process and just feel I'm crumbling a bit today.



Hi Hon...histology is the report from the pathologist, or the people that look at the cells under the microscope to see exactly what they are dealing with. They will be able to tell what type of cells and whether there is any lymph space involvement...all of this is essential before the doctors can give you a stage and a filter all plan of treatment. Hope this helps, h x


thanks for that, is that different from the biopsy? All I have been told is that it's the squamous cell kind and its moderately differentiated.  I've had MRI and pet scans and the MTD is tomorrow, just don't feel I'm understanding what everything is and as I don't have a point of contact not sure who to ask.  The consultant never mentioned the lymph space bit or anything so not sure if that's good or bad?

sorry about the medical questions just trying to steer clear of Google but am just feeling clueless!



Lymph space are the tiny channels of fluid which travel to the nodes. Cancer travels through these spaces, into nodes which catch the cells. It can then travel to nodes further away. These nodes drain into the larger blood vessels and cells can then travel elsewhere i.e. the liver etc. Having lymph space involvement can indicate that nodes may be positive for cancer cells. I had a bit of lymph space, but no positive nodes, so do not panic! The biopsy is the sample of tissue taken and the histology is the report after it has been examined. Biology lesson over for tonight folks :-) xxx

Thanks Helen 

read your other post and really appreciate you taking the time to get back to medical novice me when you have went through so much, so thanks so much.