What would happen if abnormal cells kept coming back?

I think I've got HPV from my current partner. I am awaiting a lletz for high grade dyskaryosis but have read on here that even after a clear lletz at a follow up they can find high grade cells again. How many times can they do lletz without damaging the cervix? What if I keep getting re-infected with the HPV and keep getting a high grade result? Would I have to have something like a hysterectomy? I know it's all theoretical I'm just stressing out waiting to know what's going on! 

Hi Littlecat,

It's best not to stress over what might or might not happen because no matter how hard you think about it, it won't alter the outcome. So sit tight, wait to see what happens and deal with that as and when it arrives. Cross that bridge when you come to it as they say.

Be lucky


Hi littlecat, 

This is also something I worry about. My consultant said the usual..most HPV clears on its own but he also said you cannot be infected with the same strain of HPV again. If you think of it as a virus...we get a vacination  which is a minute amount of a virus to protect us against that virus. So basically  having a strain of hpv means you cant be reinfected with the same strain. The only issue being there are a few strains which are linked to CIN.

Hope this makes sense! 

Michelle  x