What will happen next?

Well it seems that I have more abnormal cells back again. Following a colposcopy and biopsy a year ago, I had a Lletz under GA in January 23 which showed CIN 2&3.

Following my ‘test of cure’ at the end of July (which wasn’t clear), I’ve had to have yet another colposcopy and biopsy in October which shows continued HPV and further abnormal cells - CIN 2 & focal CIN 3. I have an appt soon to discuss treatment-I just can’t get my head straight and can’t stop worrying. I know it’s good that they’re keeping on top of this but I just can’t stop overthinking why and how the cells have come back in 6 months. Did some get missed at the Lletz, although my consultant was certain he’d got everything? Or is my body trying to tell me something? I’ve also got lower back pain, pain in my pelvis and also really heavy bleeding when it’s my period, so my mind is on overdrive.

Those who know what’s going on keep telling me not to worry but it’s so difficult not to. 9 days to wait for my appt seems such a long time.

Sorry :disappointed: just needed to offload and wondering if anyone has ever been in the same situation? What are they likely to say regarding treatment?

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Hi there
I didn’t want to read and run!
A quick run down of my story
Abnormal smear April 2021 - CIN 1 come back in a year
2022 - CIN3 and CGIN
May 2022 LLETZ clear margins
Test of cure November 2022 CIN1
Re check June 2023 CIN1
Due another check in January!
Not really sure what will be next steps for me, I suppose they will keep monitoring but to be honest I’d rather they did another LLETZ to try and get rid of them again but I don’t know!