What were your waiting times?

Thank you for your kind words everyone. @Frankiej if results come back clear I’ll still be having a hysterectomy to prevent further reoccurrence.

Let us know how you get on with your pee @Rebecca1965 and your test of cure. X

@Dreamland let us know how you get on with your test of cure lovely. X

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The nurse couldn’t find my cervix on my test of cure.
I’ve been referred to GP tomorrow.
Maybe my age-apparently has shrunk right up

Good luck with your GP tomorrow. At my colposcopy this time the oncologist inserted the speculum and couldn’t see my cervix so took it back out again and reinserted it.

Every colposcopy now has resulted in more than one speculum so I was thinking he was changing to a different size again, but just a different angle this time.

I know our cervix changes position according to different times of the month. I wonder if the LLETZ also has an impact?

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My cervix was perfectly ok before Lletz. It is the Lletz which has changed it. I think as I’m older it has speeded up an ageing process
I was told when I had one of my babies my cervix was posterior, and they can be difficult to find.
But never any issues before with smears etc.
I could see it very easily myself too with a speculum

Cervix has gone too far up
2 GPs had a go at giving me a smear after the nurse yesterday
Colposcopy for me for test of cure :confused:

Oh wow, I didn’t even know this was something that could happen. Really pleased they are sending you for colposcopy and making sure they get it right instead of winging it.

How are you feeling about it? X

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I was a bit upset if I’m honest though that’s not completely logical. I think you would understand though as I remember you posting about how you felt upset about your cervix post Lletz.
It was always posterior ( I remember the obstetrician saying when I had my first baby). Some of the problem is 4 natural deliveries though as wall is ‘ stretched’. Deliveries were fine and I reckon it’s the Lletz as never have had issues with smears previously.
She also gave me oestrogen pessaries ( well I kind of asked for them) in the hope they will help with the wee thing.
Then again, never had that before Lletz, I reckon is helping though already.
None of these are major issues and I was advised to ask for a cancellation if the hospital smear was too far in the future.

Wee thing is urine not little lol


So glad to read about your results LL and hope everything goes well with the hysterectomy xx


I shall be keeping you in my thoughts Rebecca. Can completely relate to feeling upset. It has a bigger impact on our psychological health than I believe anyone gives it credit for xx


You know, I said that to the GP
The oestrogen has helped a little with the urinary thing
My poor old body has not coped as well with the healing I suspect although I don’t experience other menopausal symptoms such as dryness etc

Update from Dreamland:

Just got my result from test of cure: HPV negative.

Sending good vibes to all others waiting for results.
Lots of love, xx

I have two more 6 month checks, then it will go to yearly for 9 years. As far as I know the plan stays the same whatever the result. I think if I’d not had the microinvasion I’d now be put back onto 3 yearly smears which just doesn’t seem right. I’m glad of the extra checks.

Good luck with yours Lemon and others. Thinking of you, xxxxx


I don’t know whether it has an effect but just to say following my 2 lletz I made lots of really positive changes to my life.

I started taking multivitamins daily, ate grapefruit everyday for breakfast, 2 cups of green tea a day and as much fresh fruit and vegetables I could eat. I also increased exercise and started jogging. This is the big one: I took time out from my family to focus on myself so reducing stress.

It may or may not have had an effect but it helped me feeling I was doing something.

I’m so relieved to get the HPV negative result although my doctor had said that it would be more likely I would be HPV negative at 12 months (I don’t know why she felt this). But if anyone reading this has had a test of cure and was not HPV negative, don’t be disheartened.

Good luck to all going through this. Sending love,



Totally understand the time out from family I had to do the same I been constantly looking after everyone plus working and after diagnosis could not do all anymore and had to focus on me. Glad I am not the only one. Take care and congratulations on your results