What was your recovery like after LLETZ?

Hi, so my colposcopy last week came back with high-grade changes which I believe means CIN2/3. I am seeing the doctor this afternoon to learn more and discuss treatment options. Assuming I might need a LLETZ, I have a question:

In just over one month I'm supposed to travel from Philadelphia to London to visit some friends for about a week. We're also taking the train to Edinburgh for a few days. So it's a lot of traveling and sitting. Will this still be possible? Is air travel goign to be an issue? I'm so nervous I'm going to have to cancel my trip because my friends and I have been planning it for months and already reserved our Air B&Bs, etc. 

I can't wait until after, either, because on 20 September my husband and I going to Hawaii for 2 weeks for our anniversary. We're going to be swimming, hiking, ziplining, etc etc. so I really need to be fully healed for that. 

Of course I will be asking the doctor these questions, but I feel I'm going to have to schedule something today and want to get a sense of what I'm in for before I do that. This was supposed to be my "year for travel" and instead it's turned into my "year for scary doctor visits."


Hello! Im in the same boat as you, polp and biopsies came back as CIN2/3 and was scheduled LLETZ under LA for a last week but have a trip booked for monday 24th. I was rather worried because of the healing time and i was given an appointment for LLETZ for the next week so called the clinic. Basically i needed to know if i was givien a quick appointment because i needed to be treated quickly or if there just happened to be one available. The clinic were absolutely fine and were happy to move it 4 weeks away, said they move them often for people travelling or getting married etc so wasnt a big deal. Mine is now booked in for the 2nd Aug.

I would suggest you do the same, speak to the clinic that sent your letter and they will tell you how urgently you need to be seen, or if it can be safely rescheduled.



i had my LLETZ on the 11th So here's my experience of the whole thing:


not too bad, felt uncomfortable and your nerves will make it worse and you might feel a little something going on but for me it was not as bad as I expected. The local anaesthetic wasnt that bad- didn't sting or burn but felt very warm. The anaestetic made me feel whoozy so I just breathed through that gently- in through the nose, out through the mouth. Was all over very quickly 

still  a bit all over the place for about 20 minutes Aftee. A little something to eat and drink helped. Did make me feel like I needed to wee (the procedure!) but mich like After giving birth I was too scared to LOL! Took some ibuprofen. My cerbix felt battered for a little while- only a few hours, and then it eased 

not much blood at all, lots of watery discharge for about  week. This was very upsetting ho me. Made me feel like I was wetying myself. I was scared they'd damaged my urethra. BUT all normal and now that has stopped and I've been getting very light bleed/discharge (I'm now on day 10 post lletz) and it's very very very very light 

I recommend femfresh to wash your lady bits with because omg that watery stuff didn't smell all that great but washing with femfresh sorted it 

you may feel quite emotional after the procedure. Mine hit me about 4/5 days post LLETZ 

no sex for 4 weeks, be careful washing the area, I was told no baths but I think you might be  allowed a clean bath (no soaps or bubbles) no tampons only pads- you will likely be wearing pads for the next 4 weeks. There is somethung about travelling for the life of me I can't think what it is

no swimming for either 2 or 4 weeks? Basically do everything you can to not give yourself an infection. Infections are very easy to get though unfortunately even when following all the rules. 

Thats all so far 

I've read some ladies bleed gets heavier? As I say mines very light right right now. Your first period after may come earlier or later and be heavier than usual 

Thanks so much for the insight! I had very little discharge after my colp, it was mostly that watery stuff, so I'll just stock up on pads. 

Something's bugging me a little bit about my doctor, though. I asked him if there was anything I shouldn't do after the procedure and all he told me was no sex for four weeks. I've read on here that you shouldn't swim or use tampons and he said swimming and tampons were fine. Um what?


Glad that worked out for you! My doctor said it didn't have to be done in the next two weeks, but if I waited until after my two trips (which are almost back to back) I'd need to wait until October 5...too nervous to do that.


I had my lletz in the 4th of July. Lletz wasn't that bad, I felt some pain, and anaesthetic made me feel so weird! Hard pumping, legs and arms felt like jelly. I took couple of days of work as I think it's very important to rest. Unfortunately after a week I got infection. I felt horrible for the first 3 days, I felt like I have flu, and shivers... after 3 days antibiotics kicked in. I had some heavier bleeding too... 

But to be honest it wasn't that bad. In my personal experience if I would have travel booked I would go. 

But I would recommend to speak to the doctor about it. They will know better. 

I say just don't do any of that stuff for four weeks to be on the safe side, but you can call up and ask to speak to someone and ask if it is ok and if isn't tell them the dr is saying it is which could be potentially dangerous! 

I had LLETZ done 3rd July an was back in work no pain just aches but I'm traveling with work just the pads are horrible but nothing major  everyone is different though but the procedure is not as bad as we thinks it going to be.


May - Internal done - soft cells found

May - Smear done

June - High Grade Cells found

July - Colospcopy and CIN3 confirmed and LLETZ 

Awaiting results 

i dont recall any advise against travel i wouldnt cancel your plans its annoying the pads and the lack of baths but it could be worse x

Just had my LEEP & grabted it's only been 7 hours but I feel fine just tired So far! Fingers crossed lol. Minimal if any bleeding so far.