What to wear


Im due to have a radical hysterectomy in the next couple of weeks,just waiting for my date. My problem is I have to have a catheter for 5 days what on earth do I wear? I live in skinny jeans and leggings!
Can anyone give me any advice on what to take in to hospital

Many thanks

Hi Mrs G

I had a RH and a catheter in for a week after,  you will need a nightie whilst in hospital  , I also wore loose fitting PJ bottoms and made sure I had a good supply , when I was home I wore loose fitting joggers / trousers easy to manage with a catheter in place , 

wishing you all the best 

Greeni xx 



i just had a trachelectomy and lymph node removal. I wore night shirts in hospital and now I'm home I have a catheter and have managined wearing joggers. I bought ones with a thick waist band which is good for my tender tummy :)


Nighties and loose joggies will be your new friends for a wee while. You will prob get a small day catheter bag which straps to your leg which makes it easier to get the joggies on initially And a bigger one for nighttime. Your tummy will be swollen for a couple of weeks also, I had to go up a size but it does settle down. Peppermint tea is a godsend as the surgery leaves you with trapped wind, usually in the shoulder which can be so painful. Best thing I bought was one of those v shaped pillows for home, absolute godsend for propping you up and hugging to, can be hard to get comfy sleeping when you first get home till your tummy swelling goes down a bit.

hope surgery goes well, take it real easy when you get home xx

Hiya :-)

There is every chance that it will be really quite a while before you can face skinny jeans again. I had to totally reinvent myself but I'm not disappointed with the result. Try to look at this as an opportunity to experiment, it's a new door opening and may well not be another one closing.

Be lucky :-)

Thanks everyone for your replies,Ive raided my daughters trackie bottoms! Peppermint tea I shall also have to get,anything to help minimize the pain.

Just got to wait for the phone call now,hopefully any day because Im terrified all this waiting is driving me mad!