What to feel?

Hi, I had a smear test on 16th Feb then got a letter n 25th February say I had Abnormal results with High Risk HPV. I had Colposcopy on 16th March with 3 punch biopsy but the nurse didn’t say if she found anything other then results will take 4-6 weeks and prob treatment but that will be discussed once they have the results. It seems such a long time to wait and the fact I don’t know what was found. I should of asked more questions but was on my own and really worried after losing my mother to Cancer of the liver late 2015. My partner knows but haven’t said anything to anyone else and hoping it’s all going to come back fine. I’m so confused by it all the treatments etc. I’ve read a few peoples posts and everyone is so nice and positive. Guess I’m just after reassurance. What is the LLetz do they sent off the cells for more tests then you wait for them or would that be it unmills the next test? Sorry if this doesn’t make any sense.


I am going through a similar situation. I had a colposcopy and biopsy 4 weeks ago and my doctor doing the procedure also did not mention how severe she thought the cells were that she was taking a biopsy of, I also went alone and wish I had asked more questions so I could have some peace of mind. I was also told my results would take a long time, and now it has been a little of four weeks and I still have no results, which makes everything a bit more unsettling. As for them LLetz, if the biopsy shows high grade cells (usually CIN2/3, sometimes carcinoma in situ) they usually do a lletz. They basically use a tool that removes all of the pre-cancerous cells, and they do send them off again to be looked at. When they send the tissue they remove for analysis they basically look for confirmation of the original biopsy- if the cells were in fact CIN etc. They also check to see that they removed all the cells, with clear margins, to try to ensure they don't come back again.

Hope this helps!!

Thank you for replying - The waiting game is so hard I'm fine most of the time then get these little mad moments and just brust into tears :(.


I hope you get your results soon so that you can have peace of mind.