What to expect????

I have had always had normal smears and my last one was 2 years ago…after lots of abnormal bleeding and painful sex I went to the doctors. She took blood tests and put me on tablets to stop the bleeding so she could do an internal a week later.
It was discovered that I had a number of growths on my cervix and was referred for an ultrasound and urgent referral to the hospital.
I had my scans on Friday and they were checking for cysts on the ovaries and fibroids which all come back clear.

I have read lots of posts on here and really not sure what to expect when I go to the hospital today?

A little bit anxious this morning :frowning:

Kerry x

Hi Kerry,

Are you going for a colposcopy exam? If so it's a more detailed look at the cervix....so like a smear the colposcopist will use a speculum and be able to see your cervix in magnified detail. I found it more comfortable than a smear to be honest. Depending on your situation they may offer you treatment or take biopsies there.

Hope it goes well!

Jo x

Thanks Jo for replying. Smile

I never received a letter from the hospital so did'nt know what I was going for as all I was given was a time and place.

I did infact have a colpscopy and I knew I had a couple of cysts too so the consultant lanced it there and then and also did something else which was painful. He took some biopsies of the area too and I was told that I would here back within 10 days.

The consultant seemed pretty positive about everything but I have had friends who have had a similar experience and when their biopsies have come back its been CC so just want that reassurance with the results.



hi hun,

have you had any news on your results?