What to expect ...

Hi Ladies ... I had posted in the Cervical Screening forum, but to no avail. One of the lovely ladies told me to try this forum. So here is my story:

I tested positive for HPV (high levels) and told I have pre-cancerous cells - at my routine pap. I was sent for a colposcopy where I also ended up getting a biopsy. I received a call a week later that I needed to have an endometrial biopsy; which I went and had done a week later. Physician said it was nothing to worry about just yet, but it needed to be done. I received a call a week later (her urgency had peaked up a bit). She said they would need to excise the abnormal area. From what she saw during her exam, it (whatever IT is) hasn't spread but they would be doing a Cone Biopsy (cold knife) and D & C under GA. I have to have a TVU (transvaginal ultrasound) before. And she has also started me on oral Provera 10mg. 

Now prior to all of this I generally felt fine. My periods have always been irregular or sometimes lasting 9-10 days (when they did show up). Cramping badly and terrible back pressure. Sometimes so bad thay my legs feel swollen. Foul smelling discharge (watery) and just exhausted most times. Now I had seen my family docotr before about the discharge and pressure. It was usually chalked up to UTIs or BV. 

My questions for you ladies:

1. Is it standard for them to act so non chalant but order all of these tests? Or is there something she isnt telling me? And her reasoning for the Provera was to start my cycle. But why now?

2. When do I get an official diagnosis (whatever it will be)? She hasn't said anything except, she sees atypical areas and they need further examination. 

3. I know that HPV doesn't mean I will end up with cancer and Abnormal cells aren't cancer, but is it possible she suspects it, but won't say it?

I am trying no to Google anything because I don't wanna be paranoid, but lack of information from my doctor is stressing me even more. 

Anybody ...

Hi i wish i could help you Nikki but i havent gone through the same as you i had abnormal smears so had a colposcopy and pinch biopsy wich results came back about 3 weeks later saying cin2 and i had to have lletz treatment which now i have an infection so on antibiotics and im awaiting results now. Have you tryd calling your doctor and asking them again explaining your worryd about all of it due to lack of info? I hope you get your answers soon as i know how worrying all this can be and sorry i couldnt really help you xx