What to expect ?

I went for the colposcopy today. Was mild changes with HPV from my smear. She looked at my cervix and abnormal cells cover all of my cervix and thought that the bottom part would need treatment as was 2 or 3 rather than one. She took biopsies and told me that they needed to be certain as once they had taken parts of the cervix off they can't be put back on and given my age (24) they want to weigh up options as it could impact fertility. Have to wait up to four weeks to find out. I was a mess at the appointment, cried when I was putting my clothes back on, I felt the last biopsy she took ( she took three) and was just so emotional afterwards. It's taken me all by such a shock. And I really don't know what to expect now. In terms of treatment what sort of things would I be looking at ? 



i think lletz treatment is the most common which is a hot wire that burns the cells that are then sent off for testing. I had colposcopy and treatment at the same time, I didn't feel any pain.

 waiting for results 





I was in the same boat as you a couple years back age 25. I had Lletz treatment which didn't hurt. It worked and I had a clear smear a couple of months after. Please don't worry :)

Thank you for your quick responses. I'm just worried that I may need something more, as she was stressing that preserving fertility was key and the amount of white was a concern. 

I'm also worried that the results will come back with CC. I know this is unlikely, and if the top of my cervix is moderate changes, it's super unlikey, but after seeing the state of my cervix and the amount of white, I can't shake the feeling.

Four weeks is such a long time to wait too. I don't know about everyone else, but I feel so emotional. I'm just hoping it can be treated and I don't lose the chance to do everything I wanted to eventually do. My concern is further heightened by the fact my mother had stage three CC so I'm concerned I'm at a higher risk anyway. 

4 weeks is a long time, I intend to phone up them or my gp before that time to ask as I'm so impatient- worried



I am going to do the same. Four weeks is too much for me to wait. I will drive myself mad before I find out the results at this rate. 

It is so stressful and the waiting is horrible, but I am sure the hospital completely understand that and are happy for us to phone. They have been great for me and always have hd a nurse available to talk to me. I'm back to work tomorrow (had taken off few days to rest after treament) so that will be a good distraction. Try not to panic xx