What to expect - lymphatic invasion (children mentioned)

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Received today the pathology analysis after LLETZ (sorry if translated wrong - i live in France so all in French). First, the tumor was 10mm long and 7mm invasion, so wonder why doctor put 1a2 in the paper for PET scanner ... Also see that there're signs of lymphatic invasion - as far as i understand this is when cancer is in tiny lymph vessels within the analyzed piece...



I have PET scanner in a week. Waiting is horrible, so readin all information. Should I prepare for worse, and expect hysterectomy + radiotherapy in case of positive nodes? Any stories will help ... Thank you!


And thanks for this forum and community, very supportive, helps a lot to read all your stories.

Hiya hun. I had lvsi present after my RH. As I precaution I had 25 external RT to decrease the chance of recurrence. I've not had chemo as they decided at the 11th hour that it wasn't necessary. I'm glad I chose to have RT as if it did come back I would forever blame myself. Until you have all your test results back I would try not to worry , easier said than done I know. Also stay away from Google, it's not your friend atm and most of the info is outdated. Let me know how you get on. Love lea xxx

Hi Liana,

It's possible that treatment in France differs from treatment in UK, so people here can't necessarily tell you what will happen. I was treated in Greece where again it is different from UK. I would imagine that you will be offered radiotherapy, there is quite a strong likelihood that you will be offered chemotherapy as well. The tumour is not particularly large so they might also offer you a hysterectomy but that may well depend upon your age and how far you've got with your family.

I hope this helps, but please don't take it as gospel.

Be lucky :-)


Thank you very much for your responses. When I knew about my diagnosis i first of course thought about how to preserve fertility as i'm young and no children. But after understanding more about my diagnosis, i now think it's much more important to survive and get rid of it completely ...

Hi all,


Finally i had my PET scan and MRI, all clear, but due to lymph spaces present in the tumor they removed with LEETZ all is still complicated. I met today with the treating doctor. He's talking about two options:


1) radical trachelectomy. They will first remove nodes, will do the biopsy of the sentinel nodes during the operation and if no cancer cells found will continue with the operation. Two weeks after the operation when full path report is done, there will be a decision about radiotherapy. If no therapy -> pregnancy possible. The risk of recurrence is 5%


2) they remove only nodes, and do brachytherapy. Dirung the operation they do the biopsy of the nodes to better understand the treatment and also move the ovaries up to protect them from radiation. What I don't understand is that the doctor said that the pregnancy will not be possible, despite presense of the uterus and preserved ovaries - not sure why?  The risk of recurrence is 2% in this case



Not an easy decision to make ... any help/your experience will help here. Thank you very much!

Hi Liana,

Pregnancy is not possible after radiotherapy/brachytherapy due to the damage caused to uterus. I've had my ovaries moved so just ask if any questions.

Rachel xx

Hi Rach, thank you for your fast response. Do you understand already if with transposition of ovaries there are very good chances to preserve ovocytes? And what about quality of life? It might be a stupid question - but are there any limitations like sport or anything else?


And i see you started your treatment, i wish you best of luck with that!

There are no guarantees that they will still function after treatment however if left in there natural spot they definitely won't. I have no family either so was keen to keep options open. Took about 3 weeks to fully heal but then no difference to what I did before. As far as I know sport is no problem.

I hope that the trachelectomy is the option for you with no further treatment needed.

Good luck xx

Just wanted to update on this thread - I was talking to a different doctor today. This doctor recommended to chose an option with least recurrence possible as when you are young (i'm 34) and have a recurrence, it's extremely hard to treat. It means that my option would be brachytherapy. Though I would agree that being alive is better than have children and leave them alone, it's so hard emotionally to no longer have an option to be pregnant ....


I'm meeting with a third doctor tomorrow to go through all options again, but preparing for the brachy...

Sending you huge hugs Liana
I would go for life over babies but I am me and not you.

Be lucky:-)