What to expect, I’m terrified.

Hi, I’m new and looking for any advice please. I’ve been referred to Colposcopy clinic due to some worrying symptoms.

Heavy bleeding during and after sex, cramping and vaginal bleeding with bowel movements, lower back pain that goes down the back of my legs. Tenderness after sex and slight bladder incontinence.

Dr tried to take a smear but there was too much blood up there. I’m now completely terrified about what to expect. It was painful just with the speculum so I can’t imagine how it’s going to feel when they need to enter my cervix.

Has anyone had these symptoms and what happens at colposcopy? Will they tell me what they see there and then?

Thank you.


Hi hun, I can't advise on your symptoms but I was also terrified of the colposcopy and didn't know what to expect. It was actually much better than a smear (for me at least).  The team I was dealing with (there was a consultant and 2 nurses) were fab and put me at ease, they chatted and laughed through the whole procedure. Once I was in a complete state of relaxation I didn't even realise the speculum was in there! The consultant also invited me to watch what he was doing on a screen so that disctracted me from focusing and feeling every prod. I had the Lletz treatment 2 months later and again it was great (different team but same approach) and I didn't feel a thing. It's really important that you relax as the procedure in itself shouldn't be painful but when your muscles are tense it will feel uncomfortable. Hope it goes well x



I didn't experience symptoms like yours i just got referred for a colposcopy from my smear. 

I was petrified. However, a colposcopy is absolutely fine. You will sit down and talk to the consultant who will ask you some questions. You then get changed and the nurses get you settled in place. The consultant then inserts the speculum. He put some dye on my cervix which i didnt even feel him do and it showed up the abnormal cells. I then was brave enough to look at the screen! 

He then told me i needed to do a biopsy and he said it would feel like a sharp scratch...however...it didnt hurt in the slightest! I was shocked it didnt. He then has to stop the bleeding which involved some prodding and poking but it didnt hurt. 

You then get changed and sit back with the consultant who then explains what he thinks and what will happen next. It also gives you chance to ask some questions. 

It was a really positive experience if im honest and the nurses were amazing.

You are in control and can ask them to stop at any point but they do make you feel really relaxed.

Hope all goes well for you!