What to expect from Rad Hysterectomy?

Sorry if this has been asked a thousand times before, but I am having a laproscopic radical hysterectomy next week and wanted to know what to expect? I’ve just turned 30.
I am supposed to be travelling 2hrs in a car on boxing day (as a passenger) is it likely I will feel well enough to do so 6 days after? And how long after can I drive? I was told 4-6 weeks at the pre op but read online that I should be able to drive after 2 weeks. How long did you have off work?
I’m keeping my ovaries, but am I likely to go into the menopause? My consultant is very vague when I asked her. If my ovaries do fail, is it more likely to happen soon after the surgery?
And how likely is it I will suffer from bladder problems and lymphedema? Is there any other complications that may occur from a hysterectomy?

Thank you for reading


Hey big hug, iv got mine this fri, 18th and am bricking it, having the same as yours and leaving the overies, you shouldn’t go into menopause so iv been told anyway.
So I can’t give you any info I’m afraid but didnt want to read and ran. All the questions you are asking are ones iv asked and found out that short term you may get bladder issues ( not being able to go due to internal bruising) iv been told because of this I will go home with a wee bag for a couple of weeks. ( and with my cats, a puncher repair kit Lol )
Iv also been asked to be sadated as I’m so nervous and know when I get taken to theatre I’m going to go into a melt down and not cope so I’m going to be abit out of it.
Good luck xxx big hug

Hi Sam and welcome you've definitely come to the right place for support and positivity

i had my radical hysterectomy and pelvic lymphandectomy on 19 November. I also had my ovaries removed but I'm 47, have two children and had a cyst on one.  no two people will have the same experience but I found the build up to the op worse than the actual op itself. I was pleasantly surprised after having expected to be in severe pain. You will probably have a morphine pump immediately after the op to self administer but before the days out that will have gone and oral medication given in its place. Make sure you drink lots of water as morphine and coedine can make you very constipated. Drink peppermint tea to ease the wind pain and baggy clothes are a must. I stopped taking strong painkillers when I left hospital and returned home and then used paracetamol and ibruprofen when required.  I was also lucky and only needed a catheter for 24 hours which is good going for me as I already have a pre-existing bladder problem. i had to ensure I voided my bladder and that took longer than normal but nothing painful just slightly inconvenient.

i avoided travelling far in the car for the first week but you will know yourself if you feel fit enough to travel. You will get very tired and need to rest. I've even slept in the daytime which is unheard of. I still haven't driven as I get odd twinges that have taken my breath away usually when I overdo it or stretch awkwardly. II'm going to try at weekend . Usually it is your insurance that doesn't cover you if you are advised not to drive for a specific length of time. I am now able to put my own ted stockings on and off too. I'm also counting the days (4) till my last injection.

All in all it probably won't be anywhere near as bad as you think. The fear of the unknown is far worse.

any questions ask away but good luck.



Thanks Helen, thats very helpful.
I'm generally ok about the surgery and know I will be calm and collected going in, its just the complications that worry me. I've read there is a 50% chance of your ovaries failing and I don't want fat legs or bladder problems! I feel silly for worrying over stupid things like this rather then the actual surgery.
I also feel sad that I have my right to have more children taken away. We have 2 children thankfully and never planned to have more but now I can't it makes me feel robbed. I am trying not to dwell on these things though.
I don't have any baggy clothes!! :/ 
Monster I commented on your other post. I hope yours goes well. Will you let me know how you get on? You could add me on FB maybe so we can compare stories? 


Going to pm u :slight_smile:

Hi Samip,

My experience was pretty similar to that of Helen. My radical hysterectomy was Oct 2014.  I had about 20 lymph nodes removed and ovaries too. Because of the lymph node removal, the tops of my legs lost feeling for quite a long time, but it is slowly returning. I had a catheter for a week, a bit of a drag but not the end of the world. I now have to make a conscious effort to wee but no leaks or anything. I was discharged the next day, walked slowly for a few days then gradually became more active. Need to tackle constipation immediately after the op, but that is quite normal. Generally got over it pretty quickly, I am 58, though was tired for some time. Just take it easy when you can and don't expect too much of yourself. Car journeys can be a bit bumpy and therefore a bit uncomfortable for a few weeks after, but I was back driving after a month. Play it by ear re return to work as it is very variable. I went onto have chemo/rad and decided not to return to my very busy job, the right decision for me, but you are younger!

Good luck with your op and the recovery. You will be fine I am sure.