What to expect from Chemo pre-assessment

Hey lovelies,

so Friday I have my pre-assessment for chemo, just wondered if anyone could let me know roughly what happens.

I’m pretty sure that nothing will beat the experience that was my planning MRI so I’m not that bothered, I just like to plan my wardrobe accordingly lol 

Just been out shopping to buy big girl pants and some night dresses just in case I need to air my lady bits once treatment starts without scaring the kiddos :)

And on that note I’m gonna stop talking.

much love to you all,

emma xxx 

Hi Emma, 

chemo pre assessment is nothing much. 

Mine was... a quick chat to make sure I understood any side effects and give me info/leaflets of what to watch out for who to ring incase of problems. More bloods taken and weighed. Then they took me up to the chemo day unit where I would be getting treated to show me round.

probably only me but on seeing the unit I had a bit of a break down lol not even sure why. Think it was a massive reality check that treatment would be starting very very soon, had been a little in denial up till that point. 

No need for big knickers and airing ya lady bits

good luck xxx

Hey mariewendy,

thank you very much, I had thought it might be chats/info etc but it’s reassuring to hear it from someone who knows. 

Yeah I was thinking last night this just doesn’t feel real, I thougbt I had processed it but then maybe I haven’t I’m sure treatment will bring me crashing down. I know for sure the 6 month wait afterwards will drive me insane.

Thanks again lovely, 

emma XX 

Hi Emma, how are you doing? Lots of things have happened for you quickly but you are going for it like the warrior you are. Keep Kicking butt!! Well done for making it through the MRI lovely - another hurdle down on this rollercoaster ride. Good luck for the pre- assessment- I’m with you all the way xxxx

Hey Noodles, 

Thanks for the message, it was just what I needed. I’m doing ok apart from the heat, so much more a winter person than summer. My hubby is from Texas and today he said it was too hot to eat!!! I almost fainted, I thought for sure he must be sick or something.

How’s you? Enjoying the heat wave?

Its been just over a month since my diagnosis and it has indeed been an insane rollercoaster, but I am determined to kick it’s butt!! 

Much love to you, 

emma xxx 

Good luck tomorrow with the assessment - will be thinking of you and hope it goes okay. Xxx

Good luck Emma tomorrow! Thinking of you xxxx

Thanks very much lovelies xxx