What to expect after a biopsy


I had my colposcopy on Monday (two days ago) and sorry for tmi but today i expelled what looks like tissue and mucus (a couple of inches long and wider than a finger). Is this normal?

I was told to expect coffee grain like stuff....but this was horrid and quite alarming. Am i to expect more of this and what is it?

Hi Esva, 

Thats exactly how I described mine, tissue lumps. Whilst I cant say whether this is 'normal' I healed just fine with no infection etc. Be prepared for all the different colours too, I wasnt warned about this but was told by doctor to 'expect all the colours of the rainbow'.

Youll know if someone is wrong, smell, fever, feeling generally unwell etc but if you are unsure its always worth calling the doc for a chat.

Hope that helps a little x


Thank you for your reply. Luckily I don't think i have an infection but i didn't expect such horrid stuff either! I presume some of it was the mustard coloured stuff they put on to stop the bleeding.

That happened to me about 2 days after the biopsies. I think it was a mixture of the silver nitrate and blood clots coming away from the cervix. Just had a brown/yellow light discharge for about 3 days after that then it stopped.

Thank you that makes me feel better knowing that I'm not alone! They don't really explain much at the hospital. X

So glad to read this!! I've had exactly the same 2 days after biopsy and it definitely puts my mind at rest.

They really don't tell you what to expect afterwards do they?! I just was told 'discharge for up to four weeks' and sent on my merry way