What to expect 1 week after lletz

Hi everyone


I'm scheduled to have lletz under GA on monday 17 july. I've been asked at work if i can work the following week at events that mean being on my feet all day and bathroom opportunities will be in breaks rather than as and when i need... does this sound like something that could be a problem one week after lletz in terms of bleeding etc? If it's an issue they will be accommodating but I want to warn them in advance!


Thank you :)

Hi, I had lletz a couple of weeks ago and i'm not too bad after (i have a desk job) to be honest, without being graphic, I try to avoid standing up because of blood loss. Not because it is horrendous, but mainly there is a while after when i have been experiencing a watery discharge, which just feels a little odd, almost like waters breaking although not in large amounts.

I guess its all very individual, i'm not used to wearing pads, so i've found that quite weird!

I hope all goes well for you x

To be honest, everyone's recovery time tends to vary. Personally, i'm currently just over 2 weeks post lletz under LA. Ive found that ive had way more cramping and bleeding than I did the first week. I find that the more im up and about the worse my symptoms go.  

My advise would be to ask for light duties for a couple of weeks, at least that way if you're not feeling great then you're not under any pressure.


Thanks so much for your replies. I have warned them I may need bathroom outside of allocated breaks and organised a back up person for myself in case the bleeding gets heavy. I guess there is no way to know... as you say moco, recovery times vary!