What to do !

In 2015 I had a lettz procedure done, this removed pre cancerous cells from my cervix and since then have had normal smear test results. I had a smear test at a sexual health service on 3rd May at the same time as having the copper coil fitted. I received a letter with my results within 2 weeks of my appointment. The results showed abnormalities, low grade discariosis and hpv positive. It has been over three months since I had the smear and I have heard nothing back my gp said they know nothing about it and have no results on there system I was told to chase it up with the sexual health service. After doing this I was informed all results go to my gp. I then have had two letters inviting me for a smear test at my drs surgery informing me I am over due a screening. It’s been nearly 100 days I am beyond worried I have three children under 5 and am not sure what I need to do about this ( I was due my cervical cancer screening wile pregnant) I have tried to contact the coloscopy department. Every organisation I speak with seems to be a dead end. I need some advice on what to do next. I appreciate your time and any suggestions will be greatly appreciated.

But you are saying you are invited for smear test at your GP ? Go to that do test again with Gp and see from there. If is low grade most probably will go on its own so don’t worry, but definitely chase it up and attend smear at Gp
Take care