What to do?

Hi my names Natasha,  I am 31. In January I was diagnosed with cervical cancer stage 2 and on the 28th of February I had a radical hysterectomy and my lymph glands removed. Luckily they found that it hadn’t spread but I feel I have been put in an impossible predicament. They have offered me preventative chemo and radiotherapy combined. I had my appointment with my oncologist today and he really sold it to me it honestly sounded dreadful and as it’s not obligatory I feel I am playing black jack with my future. The side effects all sound horrific. I just wanted to speak to ladies similar to my age who have decided to have the treatment and those who havent as I feel that I need more information about it all. Thank you x

Chemoradiotherapy is usually the standard treatment for Stage 2. I presume you didn't have that in the first place because they must have thought at some point that you were a stage 1 which they usually treat with a hysterectomy or less. It's a difficult dilemma for you. How sure are they that they got it all out? Are there other negative features like lymphovascular invasion or perineural uptake? If there are, you should consider having the treatment to be on the safe side. If you don't have it, and the cancer comes back you could  end up having it anyway and it may not be curative if it's spread by then. I had the same dilemma in 1997. I took some persuading to have it and it's not been without issues but I am still alive...which is good!

Karen x 

Hi Natasha,

I've had the full works, hardly any side effects from either radio or chemo (or even brachy) therapies. Sure I am lots older than you but I don't see the relevance. If you want to read a funny story about the whole thing just click on the toad and read "My Big Fat Greek Hysterectomy".

The treatment improves your chances of non-recurrence.

Be lucky :-)


Hi Karen thank you for responding to me. They’re 80 to 90 % that they have got it all out. It hasn’t spread into any areas when they did the biopsy. The side effects sound frightening. When I asked my surgeon would he give send his daughter for it he couldn’t give me an answer and says they’re was a research paper done 20 years ago and the life expectancy for both with and without the treatment were virtually the same. I have two children to think about I’m just stuck in limbo on what to do. 



Hi Tivoli, thank you for your response. The reason for the age question was put to me by surgeon who was very unsure if I needed it and would have the side effects for a long period of my life. I will certainly read your story. What side effects did you get if you don’t mind me asking. Being Cypriot myself I have Thalessemia trait b and I suffer badly with anemia I’m worried my body won’t take it all well. 


Plus I’m 80% clear it won’t come back and radiotherapy and chemo will only give an extra 10% seems a lot when chances are so high anyway x



Hi there, 

I was 26 when I had my treatment and I’d through everything you can at it, the lowest chance of recurrence is the main thing. I have some side effects but not as bad as expected and you can manage them, specialist clinics are being set up also for the late effects of pelvic radiation to help improve the symptoms :) xx

I had a hysterectomy chemo and brachytherapy and 5 years clear of stage 2b. There is no side effect that would of put me off improving my chances of no recurrence and survival :).