What to do?? So sick of being sick


bit of a strange one. My cancer journey has been going on for 4 years. My Cancer has never done what has been expected by my consultant. I've had constant issues with delays, cancelled appointments, delays in treatment etc!

ive had chemo, radio twice, surgery to remove a lot of my pelvic bits and bobs. But still my Cancer is relentless! I was told two years ago it was incurable but they would deal with symptoms as they appeared. I was given a year, to which I've far exceeded. Anyway I recently had surgery to remove two new tumours, it was major surgery and I'm still recovering. 

My issues are this, every time I'm due to have something done a random act seems to prevent it, for example this week I was due to have a PET CT, true to form it was cancelled on Monday because they haven't got the right medication delivered for me then the scanner broke for my next appointment I don't know actually when they can get me in again or even when I can have the results more than likely after Christmas now. I just feel like everything is against me and maybe trying to tell me something that maybe I should just leave it be I really don't know what to do. I'm normally a really positive person, kind of person thinks everything happens for a reason. I think I've finally reached my limit,  and just think maybe would be best if I just didn't know. Would life be easier just living with ignorance? All the appointments scans and results just seem to cause more stress, but this is just about me I have a husband and daughter too, I Just don't know what to do any more. I don't think I could even face any more treatment. 

Advice needed please if anybody else in a similar situation.

Hello Kate,

I'm so sorry, you sound so utterly exhausted by the whole circus. Truly I wish there were something I could do to help, some advice to offer from my own experience, something, anything at all. I can only offer you my thoughts, my best wishes, my love, my hopes for your future, and that you get to see this before the forum shuts down for a bit.

You do sound like a positive person, a fighter, like someone I'd love to have as a friend just round the corner. Someone with whom I could laugh in the face of adversity. Really hoping you perk up a bit and feel better very soon.

So much love



Hi Kate,

Four years is along time to be ill in anybody's world((HUG))

I wonder if you might benifit from talking to a professional about

it.I have found it to be very useful in terms of dealing with my pain.

If you are still in recovery you are bound to feel low.

Try to take one day at a time and focus on the bigger picture when

you feel stronger.I hope that is very soon :-)

Take care

Becky x



I'm sorry Im not able to offer much advice, but sending you lots of love and, like Tivoli, wish there was more I could do for you. You are doing brilliantly under the circumstances and your family must be so proud of you.

huge hugs,

Molly xxxxx

I hope u are feeling a little brighter now and had a good Christmas. There is nothing I can say except stay positive. Yes, u do have a family and they want to keep u no matter what so don't give up. The fact u are still here despite all the setbacks with the hospital, shows u are MEANT to be here, ur body doesn't want to give up.

Stay strong. Have a great new year. Good luck in 2015 xxx

Dons xxx