What to do now?

Hi ladies I hope you are all well, I want to start of with a huge thanks as this forum has been a huge help during my journey! il start by giving you my story

on the 18th June 2015 I went for my first ever smear test, thought nothing of it and shrugged that I'm only 25 all would be good.

14 days later I got my results saying I was high grade, day after I recieved my appointment for colposcopy (still unsure of spelling please bare with me!) 

that was yesterday I was told I was moderate but still fell under high grade (makes no sense say it's moderate would have saved the extra stress but that's a different discussion lol!) 

the advice I was given was not to have sex for 4 weeks no tampons for 4 weeks and no heavy lifting for 4 weeks! Does that sound correct? As I'm a waitreas deep cleaning and closing the restaurant are part of my normal duties carrying trays of glasses and clearing plates are normal duties (they get very heavy! and can struggle carrying them on a normal day!) should I avoid this where possible? Work are very understanding. 

they have done a biopsy I'm not 100% sure if it's biopsy or if it's the offending cells or if that's the same thing! They said the results are taking 6 weeks. What are they looking for? I know I need a smear in 6months and depending on the results it will either be at gp surgery or the hospital. 

I I know I should of asked the nurse these things but I was so nervous about the treatment ahead (sorry should have said I had lletz) i just didnt think of these questions.



Thanks in advance x







I am in very similar situation to you im currently waiting on my results from lletz too!!

Yes unfortunately no sex heavy lifting or tampons for 4 weeks is what i was told too..its to avoid infection and lets everything have time to heal...i was told no tampons for next  3 periods though :(

Iwork  as a waitress too and understand the stress of heavy lifting i do what i can but do say when i cant lift something ,..end ofthe day your health comes first.

I love google i Google everything and i found out alot on the nhs website. 

Good luck xx

Thank You for replying, this is awful isn't it I thought after the LLETZ It would all be over! So naive!!!


how did they seal your area? I had a fake scab I don't remember what it was called, id like to know if that will mould into my cervix or if I will pass that?

hope you aren't waiting to much longer for your results xx

Hey girls! I've been where you are and am also only 25. The biopsy will just confirm that they've got rid of all the abnormal cells by checking that the margins are clear (cells on the outer edge are normal). If they find the margins aren't clear (the abnormal cells go right up to the edge of the area removed) they may want to do the same procedure again just to be sure. I felt fine the week after my lletz then I started bleeding heavily and developed an infection so please listen to the advice about no sex, tampons or heavy lifting. I would be wary about the lifting at work if your managers are happy for you to take it easy for a while. Just remember that although you can't see it and maybe can't feel it your body is healing :). Xxx 


I am also awaiting results of lletz, not fun at all! I've also been told no sex, tampons or exercise for 4 weeks so I guess it's pretty standard advice. I am not looking forward to a period with just pads! I remember using them as a teenager and hating it, before I realised the joys of tampons. But it's definitely better than getting an infection so guess I'd better stick to it. I wasn't told anything about having something to seal the area, in fact I thought that the heat from the lletz actually did that as it takes the tissue. Not too sure.. I did watch some videos showing the procedure (I do NOT recommend doing this!!) and it seems they sometimes use heat to seal it after the actual tissue is taken. I guess maybe that's what I had. Good luck for your results xXx

Aug 2013 - turned 25, clear smear result
Jan 2015 - smear taken as part of routine 'full body' health check-up - results show HPV 16 high risk, and CIN 1 confirmed
Jan 2015 - colposcopy, CIN 2 confirmed, biopsy taken - results inconclusive, return in 6 months for another colposcopy
July 2015 - 6 mth repeat colposcopy - abnormal cells seen, biopsy taken, and smear
July 2015 - smear results show HPV 16 moderate changes, biopsy result inconclusive (again) - lletz carried out. 
Awaiting results, due in 2 weeks