What symptoms have you had ?

I’ve just had an urgent referral to go for a colposcopy within the next two weeks. I’ve never had a smear as I’m 23 so concerns are based on symptoms alone and I’ve had tests to rule out any infections. I was wondering what symptoms others have had and what the outcome has been?

Mine are

  • a week of very light bleeding before my period for the past 5/6 months.
  • bleeding after sex (only 50% of the time) ranging from spotting to about a 15cm puddle on the sheets.
  • discharge had started smelling the past two months, almost like its sour.
  • my menstrual blood also has started smelling very strong.

However when I was swabbed for infection and checked by the doctor, she said my cervix looked normal and I did not bleed afterwards which seems like a really good sign.

Hi, i could have almost wrote your post! Im 24 and not allowed a smear but been having really strange symptoms the last 9 months, really bad discharge, bleeding almost everyday also after sex and been having alot of pelvic pain also. The gp has seen a growth on the cervix and im now waiting on a urgent colposcopy like yourself. Its sounds positive that your cervux looks healthy though! 

Whilst i haven't got any advice i do know how stressful it is waiting and wondering whats going on! Its also so daft how they cant just give us a smear as were having symptoms! 

Hope you get some answers soon! Xx

Sorry I've only just seen your reply I've been trying to stay away from the Internet as getting quite anxious. Gosh it seems like you have quite a few problems, I hope the growth is found to be benign! When do you have your colposcopy? I have mine tomorrow morning and am feeling very nervous as not sure what to expect. I hope yours goes well xx  

Hi, I have also been experiencing very similar symptoms to yours! How did your colposcopy go? xxx