What symptoms did you have?




I feel fraudulent posting here as I’ve not yet had an official diagnosis and, utterly selfish as this sounds, I don’t feel able to type any words about my specific circumstances at present. I’m freaked out and freaking out accordingly!


I hope that’s ok and that it’s alright to just pose a query, but if not I’m sorry, I know there are more pressing queries on here. I just didn’t know where better to ask.



I’ve read through the forum and it seems there are lots of you lovely people who were diagnosed following various symptoms (bleeding, discharge, pain etc).

And there are others who felt they had no symptoms, until in retrospect they were able to identify some (pain they’d put down to other things for example).


Then there are a few of you who appear to have had no symptoms whatsoever prior to their diagnosis (even retrospectively), whose first awareness of a problem was their smear test.



I was hoping someone (or a few of you who are braver than me and feel able to speak more openly about this topic) would be able to share which of the above they ‘fit’ into, for want of a better phrase?


I’m obviously aware that CC frequently has no symptoms in the early stages, and that there are common symptoms (bleeding for example), but would curious to hear what (if any) symptoms people here had?


Hello Anna,

WELCOME! You've done a lot of reading before posting haven't you! Of course you are allowed here, we even get chaps posting once in a while, which is rather a nice treat because you just know they are the nice, thoughtful sensitive kind who love their woman very much indeed. Oh look, there I go digressing. Naughty girl Tivoli! Go and stand in the corner! ;-)

So, for the record, my symptom was post-coital bleeding. I also had the tiniest bit of lost bladder control which some say is menopause-related but it went away after surgery. Not surprising really since the bladder had so much more space in there after all its friends had been removed :-)

Be lucky


Hi hon,

hope you feel soon that you can talk a bit more about what you're going through, as a problem shared is a problem halved etc! But it's no problem just to ask either!

My main symptom was the post coital bleeding too, but it only seemed to happen the first time after each period so I was easily able to tell myself it was hormonal. I also had back pain, but had put that down to having a big lump of a seven year old who still likes to be picked up! Still think it might have been that!

hope you're ok,

Molly xx

Hi Anna

I had post coital bleeding and pain in my lower right side.  I am 51 and don't know if I have been through the menopause as I had the Minera coil fitted due to heavy bleeding and bleeding between periods.  

When I phoned the Dr I was told 'Well women of your age...'.  This infuriated me as I knew there was something wrong.  I booked into see another Dr who was more understanding and I had a diagnosis of CIN2 followed by Lletz (Good job I followed my own instincts).

I have my 6 mth check this Thursday but for some reason I don't think it is going to be a positive experience.

Theresa x

I shall be thinking of you on Thursday Theresa - Good luck!


I had abnormal bleeding that was the obvious one after sex. Looking back I also had discharge, my periods had changed and I got leg pain quite a lot. Xx

Hi Anna, I had post  coital bleeding, back pain, abnormal discharge and massive haemorrhage. My smears were clear because my CC was glandular and is not always picked up on smears. Hope all goes ok Hun. Keep us posted. Lea xxx

Hi Anna, I feel the same, I've had several appointments over last 3 weeks and rushed through as urgent. Heavy periods every 2 wks, bleeding and spotting in between with old brown blood/discharge and watery pink blood too. Infection ruled out. Had scan and camera inside and found erosion of cervix, polyps in uterus and cervix, ovarian cyst and fibroids. Bleed vaginally when having bowel movement and are constipated. My mum has had breast and uterus cancer and other cancers are high in family. Did anyone else have same symptoms and is it common to have cysts, fibroids and polyp s at the same time?

i get bleeding from constipation near my period time since my cone biopsy and DNC. I also have polyps apparently and am wondering if I should get an ultra sound to have that checked on also. Ohhhh the joys of women parts!

Hi there,

my periods were odd for a while. I'd bleed a bit, then stop, then have a period. The doctor said it was normal.

i started to become really ill before my periods, I had to sit up all night and just felt something was very wrong. I'd always had awful period pains since 14 but i knew this was different. After the 3rd weird period I went to a female doctor with a list of symptoms. She examined me, got me an ultrasound and smear and the smear picked it up.

thankfully my body told me so,etching wasn't right at a time when it could still be treated.

listen to your bodies ladies, you are the expert on you!


Same here, irregular spotting and bleeding after sex but my smear came back normal in March. As time went on i have an ache down my right leg, lower back pain and slight loss of bladder control, which they explained in Nov when i was diagnoised was due to the growth was now 7cm so pushing on bladder, nerve and back xx

Looking back, I had an increased discharge.  I had mentioned this to a couple of gp's at check ups for other things.  They said as I am perimenipausal it was to be expected.  28th October 2012 I was taken to hospital by ambulance with massive haemorrhage.  Was put on tablets to stop bleeding as was sent for ultrasound.  I had a rountine smear in Novemeber which was negative.  $th January 3013, ultrasound and vaginal scan showed large polyp.  Went in for a polypectomy, Surgeon said when he tried to remove it, he discovered it was a fibroid and not a polyp, took a routine biopsy.  Was booked in for a hysterectomy.  I had seen on the scan on 4th January, the massive tumour that he called a polyp.  It was a massive, solid white lump on the scan.  All along I told him I had a very strong feeling I had cancer.  I had had this feeling since the previous Easter, don't ask me why, I just knew.  He told me not to be so silly, he was the dr and he knew better.  I went in for my pre op appointment, to be told 'Oh you were right, you do have cancer!'

So, looking back I had an increased discharge, no other symptoms until a massive haemorrage.  Smear clear, a few weeks later, I was told I had a tumour the size of an orange.

hello ladies!

i really hope it's okay to post here. I'm unsure how this whole forum works as I'm on my phone and it doesn't load properly.  I am 22 (nearly 23) and am very worried about my health . 

I know a first reaction is how stupid go and see you Doctor which of course I am going to however am tring to battle my own head of fear about it. I am worried about tests in general as I find invasive things very hard and I tend to get very upset and anxious about them. (I'm sure thats some what normal) . I am also very worried that whatever tests are done may appear to be fine but may not actually be. 

I had a baby in Nov 15 and convinced myself in the last year that any chance of having CC would of been picked up in my pregnancy (blood tests or anything) . Is this true ? Could they of missed a problem? 

my current symptoms are 

bleeding after sex, either dark and when I go to the toilet or when I wipe there's pinky discharge. 

I have had unusual discharge for about 1-2 years which any dr has done full sceenings including in my pregnancy and has always come back completely clear of any Infections. 

I find bladder control very hard which at my age is unusual however I put that down to carrying babies (I had two cesearians no natural births) 

other symptoms I have may be totally irrelevant but are things such as buised feeling in skin in some locations and I have very small appitiet and very dizzy when I stand up, very weak. (I am not anemic ) . 

anything, any advice even if it's just encouragement would help. or maybe someone who has similar symptoms? 

Thank you! Jessica 

Hi, not sure how to work this page, but I think this is where I write. 

I have been doing a lot of research (which I shouldn't really) but my main symptoms, all it kept flashing up was 'cervical cancer' I am going to the doctors today but thought I would write on here first, not sure if I will get a reply in time though. 


a few days ago now i had unusual brown-ish discharge everytime I wiped down below, then the other night I had a massive brown clot like lump that came out after going to the toilet.. Which then followed with really bad stomach cramps and lower back pain. And then last night I had a spot of bleeding and it's been coming and going, it's definitely not a period, I'm on the pill which has stopped my periods for about 3 months or so now. I feel a bit sickly.. I'm 20 in 5 days so I know I'm quite young but very scared at the same time. 


What at does everything think? Just over worrying or should definitely go and get checked ?? 




I had my last period 3yrs ago & assume I've gone through the menopause.

Had abnormal smear 2014 CIN2, had the lovely hot wire treatment, follow up clear.

But past week or two have had all the symptoms of a period, bloating, lack of concentration, mood swings & now some bleeding.

Been to GP, now have some cervical erosion & awaiting a scan.

Is it possible to have a period that long after the last one, GP couldn't answer any of my questions.

What did you find out?  Very similar symptoms

What did you find out. I have very similar symptoms.

I came across this forum and I hope it's okay I'm posting on here.. 


I just feel like I'm not being listened to, I'm 23 and I feel a bit crazy but I just feel like somethings wrong and my doctors aren't listening to me. 


I was wondering if anyone can relate to My symptoms and your experience with it. 


For the past 2 years I've had discharge that's been constant that's not a normal discharge it can smell really bad at times (I've been tested and have no infections present ever) however I'm thrown thrush cream just because which never fixes it- I bleed after sex, I have this feeling like I'm going to get my period all the time and this heavy full dragging feeling that's on and off, I have constant back pain and on and off pelvic pain. 


I have smears every 12 months and the past 2 have been abnormal but my doctors aren't concerned and they also aren't investigating my symptoms further. 


I was told I have a weak pelvic floor and that is causing all of my symptoms ( when I know I don't have a weak pelvic floor ) I consider myself to have quite a good pelvic floor as I do exercises and have no issues with bladder control etc... 


I just don't understand why I can have abnormal discharge and  complain of painful and after sex bleeding and have that dragging feeling and sharp shooting and general pains and that area and be told it's nothing.. 


My aunty had cerviCal cancer and she was the one who told me to push for more tests as she had such similar symtopms before she was diagnosed. 


I feel like my age is a reason why my doctors don't bother looking deeper into my cervix all though the smears are low grade changes I've read so many woman who have been diagnosed even though the smears were negative to abnormalities. 


Can someone give me some advice whether or not I should push for deeper investigations or am I just being paranoid. 


Thank you xoxox 


after reading through many posts on here i see a lot of people going through the same as me .

I am 26 first smear come back clear but since July been having bad post coilital bleeding discharge and lower back pain . 

Been to see the gynaecologist who said cervix looks fine from the naked eye but as soon as it touched it was bleeding . Sent some swobs off and started me on 2 weeks antibiotics as precaution .

He sent me for a ultrasound which was fine and know am booked in for colpcoscopy on wed . I am really nervous about this wondering anybody have anything that helped them get through it as I suffer severe anxiety too.

Booked in follow up in Feb and said might want to perform hystoscopy. 

I am just wondering if anybody else has had the same problems and what there's might have been . obvisouly we all think the worst which we should not as it probably something so simple .







My symptoms have so far been in the following order:

Irregular periods

Frequent yeast infections

Discharge with green and pink

Discharge with odor

Tight vaginal inflammation

Jolt of pain when penis is positioned certain ways during intercourse

No longer able to fully insert penis during intercourse

Sharp stabbing pains for minutes after intercourse

(I no longer have sex with my husband because of fear of such awful pain)

Weird constant sensations in pubic region


These are the only verifiable symptoms of a current pelvic problem. Every other symptom I've had could potentially be unrelated.

More details and symptoms may be found on my post "Details of My Progression". Comments appreciated!

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