What supplements to take??

Hi there,

Yesterday I found out I have HPV and moderate dyskaryosis. I’m worried sick :o(
I’m chronically ill anyway and every day is extremely difficult, so to have to go through this as well feels impossible.
I’ve not had a smear for 8-9 years before this recent one so I’ve now convinced myself that all of this has been going on for years and it’s the dreaded :o(
I’d not had a smear for that long before as I’ve been so so unwell and it had to go to the bottom of the list and then 3 years ago I went to have it and it was excruciating and the nurse couldn’t do it. So then I didn’t know what to do. Thankfully the one this time wasn’t painful at all so I think maybe it might have just been the person doing it….

Anyway…. I’ve very much into alternative treatments and have straight away looked for ways to clear HPV and possibly help the situation. I’m still really scared it’s CC but praying it isn’t.

I’ve heard a lot about AHCC and it seems a no brainier to just take it. A lot of them are extremely expensive which I can’t afford as I’m not working due to illness, but I’m worried that maybe the cheaper ones aren’t as good?? Does anyone know if the Time Health one is as effective as the more expensive ones? I wonder what the difference is??

I’m also looking at Papilocare… the gel says it can help the ‘lesions’. Does that mean abnormal cells? They also do a supplement and I’m wondering if it does the same as AHCC?

I’m just trying to work out what’s best at the moment and give myself the best chance of getting free from this.

Any experience or suggestions on supplements would be really appreciated.

Andrea x