What should I expect now?

My mother just finished up with her treatment for stage 3. Still waiting on the final scan to be done in April. What are some things she should expect? She is already having constipation and diarrhea issues. She is getting sick in the mornings still. When should she start feeling "normal" again? New to all of this and just want to help her out. 


Thanks everyone

Thank you thank you thank you. She is having the biggest issue with her stomach. Diarrhea has been a big problem for her. I just wish I could take everything away and make her better again. I will let her know about the magnesium. 

I have bile acid malabsorption as one of the issues of my pelvic radiation disease. It might be worth asking for a referral to a gastroenterologist who has experience of PRD, as many oncologists don't seem to recognise it!


Ceri xx