What should I expect at my gynae appointment?


hey all, 

So I'm currently awaiting my appointment for gynaecology, after an urgent referral made by my GP three days ago, and I'm just wondering what I should expect there (mentally + physically Lol). 

So, after experiencing months of Lower back pain, really increasingly painful period pains & heavy bleeding, as well as painful sex, I made a GP appointment... (in hindsight I really  should have made it earlier,  I'm nurse too, so oh the shame!! we really are the worst patients)

So my GP performed an examination and a smear, and my cervix was visually abnormal( and flipping sore), so I'm currently awaiting smear results and the urgent appointment and  well, I'm absolutely sh****ng myself. 

Any advise /help would be really fab ladies :-) 


Emma (aged 22) 

Hey, I know it's easy to say don't panic in this situation but wait and see what your results come back as then you can take it from there. As for your gynae appointment I think that you would have been referred for a colposcopy and that means just taking a closer look at your cervix. They may take a sample or they may just simply but a solution on your cervix to get a better view of your cells. Deep breaths and im sure that you will be okay. Discuss any concerns with the doctor/nurse at your appointment 

Beckster79 , many thanks for your reply! I Appreciate it a lot, hopefully all goes ok. 

one of the most important things is to go to a good doctor because they can help unlike some others who don't really care. and please do go to doctors. don't make my mistake of trying to deal with it all yourself with the help of internet

Hi, don't be too cross about not going sooner, I'd put it off for ages, as no doubt loads have. But you've gone now and you're dealing with it. I would ask what you've been referred to, but it is likely to be a colposcopy- closer look at the cervix. the Dr who performed mine was lovely and the other clinical ladies present put me at ease, you sit in a chair with delightful stirrups! Then the chair gets tilted quite far back. Mine wasn't painful, but whilst the dr was there she took a biopsy and removed some abno cells, waiting for the results now! Ive found it quite tiring and at times emotional... now I just want to stop wear pads! Good luck, and try not to worry xx