What should I do?


My mum has been diagnosed with terminal cancer. She was told she has 6 months without treatment so has decided to under go chemo. My boyfriend has just proposed to me as he knows how important it is to have my mum there on the day, so we've rushed to find a venue and have opted for an early October wedding. Mums just completed a course of radiotherapy and it's made her very poorly. She is starting chemo on Thursday and it's a cycle that finishes 8th Oct. she has the chemo, then has 3 weeks break, then the cycle continues. We're now worried that she won't be well enough on Oct 2nd (the date we planned to get married). I know every patient is different, but in your experience, how do patients react to chemo? Is it worse at the end of their course? Do you think it would be best to make the wedding in November or December?

I need to book the venue soon so we can let our family know.

Any advise it greatly appreciated,

Thanks, Gem x

Hi there I'm so sorry to heat about your mum's diagnosis. I has 4 rounds of taxol/carboplatin on a 21 day cycle and tbh it was no where near as bad as I thought it would be. If you take the steroids and the anti sickness given she may feel a bit under the weather for 3 or 4 days after that it should pick up but yes the symptoms from it will get worse with each cycle. I never vomited, I did have small episodes of diarrhoea and the occasional hot flush. Steroids cause insomnia which is a killer but that passes in a few days xxx