What should I do? RE: Lletz x

Hi, I'm booked in for a lletz on the 27th (1week today) yet yesterday I felt irritable down below, and today is worse. I think I may have thrush, yet not had any unusual discharge, just really uncomfortable. I never get thrush and I understand its only a ph imbalance so I'm not worried at all. My question is what should I do, I imagine I can't use pessary because of my lletz being so close. I don't want to postpone it at all as we all know the waiting drives us mad. Just wanted any advice if possible please. Thank you xxx

With a whole week to go you could use a pessary with no probs. My leaflet says do not Douche or use pessaries for 48 hours before colposcopy 

You could also take an oral capsule as an alternative :-)

That's perect then, I was trying to find the leaflet online just now. Il go get one in the morning. Thank you for replying. Xxx

No problem. Xx