What questions to ask

Good evening all,

I have finally got my appointment tomorrow to discuss my chemoradiation treatment for my reacurrance. This may sound daft, and I do have a few questions I have jotted down to ask but these are mostly in relation to my results which I haven’t discussed fully yet such as staging etc but does anyone have any obvious questions I should be asking, my mind was full of 101 questions a few weeks ago I should of jotted them down back then but now I’m blank and I know I’ll leave tomorrow and they will all come back to me.

Many thanks Sarah xx

Hi. I had all my questions answered on here to be honest. I wanted to know how my treatment would affect me. They give you a list of side effects and booklets which tell you pretty much what you need to know but it's only once your treatment starts that you know how it will affect you. You will probably have a few trips to the hospital before your treatment.  I think I went 4 times.  Once for my tattoos for radiotherapy,  once to be told my treatment plan, once for the kidney function test (about 6 hours) and for a tour of the chemo ward. 

Questions arise once the treatment starts and the hospital staff are generally happy to answer your questions.  

Coming on here helps too x 

Let us know how you get on x 

Hi Sarah,

Sorry you are in this situation. I think you need to ask if the chemo will be Cisplatin or something different. Cisplatin leaves your hair in tact whereas some others do not. Radiotherapy is much of a muchness & Philleepa has described that to perfection a couple of months ago.

Be lucky :-)

My account won't let me send a reply since last night so applogies for the lack of response, thanks both for the advice and philleepa I have been reading your treatment blog which is really useful!,

so ive seen my doctor now and I love her she's ace and has given me loads of confidence that we will kick this new cancer in to touch.  In her opinion it's not a reacurrance of cervical cancer its a new cancer which has developed through the VAIN abnormal cells which is bloody bad lpuck but is more reassuring than it being a reacurrance. My treatment is much the same as the treatments I've seen on here for cervical cancer 25 radio 5 chemo and 2 19 hour bracy for good measure.. Hopefully it'll start within two weeks I have my tattoos booked for next Tuesday then just a kidney test and it's all systems go go go..... Thanks again for the reassurance  and hope you are both doing well 

Sarah xx

Hi Sarah :-)

Well that is bloody bad luck but I can quite see why a new cancer is less scary that a recurrence of a previous one. And how lucky it is that you didn't already have pelvic radiotherapy! Have you made contact with 365days about this at all? Just a suggestion :-)

Be lucky :-)