What point would they diagnose cancer?

hi everyone I hope you can help. I'm 25 and have had a colposcopy which the nurse said that she saw two areas in my cervix which showed abnormal cells So she did two punch biopsies. I'm currently waiting for my results, I'm just wondering if anyone has any experience of when cc does get diagnosed in general? Is it After the smear or is it in the letter when we receive the biopsy results? 

Thank you x

Hi :) 

when did you have your colposcopy? I had to wait about a month for my results, I imagine you’d be called pretty quickly if they suspected CC. remember you can always ring up and ask about your results if you’re worried. I found it quite easy to call my local unit and get answers to my questions. Xx

hi! thanks for your reply, It will of been 2 weeks on tuesday. I was told upto 4 weeks but I'm nervous of my post going missing! I think I'll call next week to see x