what now?

Hi ladies. I'm not new here but haven't posted in a while. My journey started a few years back with an abnormal smear (borderline) after lots more smears, colposcopies and cryotherapy I now find myself back at square one with a smear that has just come back with mild abnormalities. The difference now is I have horrible lower back pain which the doctor has been treating as kidney related? And this week blood stained discharge. I also have pain in my abdomen when I sneeze and it's all rather worrying. I've visited my doctor a few times...she keeps sending me away telling me to stop worrying and that I "don't have cancer" I've never had a test for the HPV virus. Im a 31 year old single mum of 2. Help.

Are they sending you for another colposcopy Bluebelle?  

Hi Nellie,  no they want me to wait another 6 months for a smear :( I've made an appointment with my doctor again for a few weeks time, but I know she will send me away again! I'm considering getting myself checked privately for my own piece of mind!

Hi Bluebelle 

I would imagine the reason they want you to come back in 6 months time is because mild abnormalities are regularly cleared up by your immune system.  We had a talk from a HPV expert at Jo's trust recently. She said that when HPV 'reactivates' it can show up as mildly abnormal on a smear.  In the vast majority of cases the body clears it from the system and the cells go back to normal.  This is highly likely to be the case.  I am however surprised that with your history and your symptoms along with abnormal cells, they have not decided to send you for a colposcopy.  Particularly since some types of cc do not show on smears very easily!!! 

I would also want to be seen at the clinic (but I have been let down by my doctors badly in relation to my cc diagnosis).  I can completely understand you wanting to go private to have it checked out, you know your own body and it's frustraiting when doctors wont listen.  :(  You just need to be content in the fact that all is probably fine and you will be paying for your peace of mind xxx Good luck with getting refferred by your doctor.

Thank you for replying :) that's what I'm afraid of...listening to my own body...and being right. Sorry to hear you have had problems with doctors too!