What now?!?! Advice please


Hello :)


First of all I don’t know if I’m posting this in the right category but here goes.


 A bit of background - I had my first smear 10 September last year (found high grade dyskaryosis), 24 September I had my Colposcopy (they found CIN3) and 9 October I had my LLETZ op under GA.  I got discharged and told they’d be in touch…


 17 October I was rushed back into hospital after SEVERE bleeding turns out I had an infection and it hadn’t been cauterized properly - both of which are apparently very rare! I was in hospital until the 19th as they couldn’t stop the bleeding but I won’t go into the details!  After sending me away with my bag of pain meds and antibiotics, they said they would be in touch in six months for my review.


 So off I went, did everything I was supposed to do - not lift for a while, not use a tampon/have sex - the usual.


 So my periods after all this were awful, really heavy and really painful - I put it down to the fact my little cervix had taken quite a beating and thought nothing more of it.  I used a tampon for the first time mid January and it wasn’t pleasant so haven’t used one since, my partner and I have barely had sex and when we do it is painful and hurts afterwards - again I tried to brush this off as nothing. 


 It wasn’t until my mum had mentioned about my six month review that I started thinking about everything again and started googling and coming  up with all sorts of outcomes (I have a tendency to panic and get worked up). 


 My six month review should be in April I phoned my GP to see if I would have to make the appointment myself, and the receptionist said they would make the appointment but she wasn’t sure if it would be with my GP or back at the Gyno unit at hospital, she said I should definitely have a letter by the end of Feb though.  Although I haven’t.


 So I have a few questions and if any of you lovely ladies could help me (or put my mind at rest) I’d be very grateful…


When you had your LLETZ done did you have to go back to hospital or to your GP for your six month review?

And with regards to periods and the pain down there - is this normal?  Am I just worrying for nothing?



Thank you in advance - and sorry it was such a long post!!

Holly x


I am going back to hospital for my 6 month review but they want to do a colposcopy again.  I guess with CIN3 you are likely to be similar. 

It took about 3 weeks post lletz results to get my 6mth follow up appointment letter.

Can't help u on the periods other than I am dreading mine next week as,I haven't had one since late November because of running pill packs together so I wasnt on for the 2 lletz  I have had. 


Ah right, I might give them another ring then, see what's going on.

I just hate the waiting around, it's like my mind just goes into overdrive panic mode, when there probably isn't even anything to worry about in the first place.


Aw well I hope yours aren't too bad - fingers crossed for you!!

Thanks for replying by the way <3