What next?

I've had all my treatment now, rad hist, chemo,radio,brachy - competed on  1st July 2013.  I'm waiting on follow-up appointment and wondered what takes place? do they scan you, take bloods? what can I epect.




I’ve only had the rad hyst and one check up (next one in a few weeks) so not sure if our experiences will be the same.

For me they asked a load of questions about healing from surgery, how passing urine and bowel movements are and if I was having sex etc and if I noticed anything weird. Then the consultant gave me a manual internal examination and had a good feel around.

That was it really. She just said unless I notice any symptoms or they feel any lumps or bumps then that’s it.

I don’t know if you’ll have scans but I’m sure someone who does will be along soon to help :slight_smile:

Best of luck with it all xx


Not sure what your after treatment care will look like as all hospitals tend to do things differently. 

At the hospital I am treated it they normally see you 6 weeks after treatment just for a chat and to see how you are doing and then give you an MRI scan 3 months after treatment. Your follow ups then are every 3 months until they are happy and put you on 6 monthly. 

Do you have a clinical nurse specialist (CNS) allocated to you are your hopsital? If so give them a call and they should talk you through next steps or often your Oncologists secretary might be able to confirm your next appointment etc. 


Good luck.


Lou x

Hello LouLouH,

yes I've had the  appointment 6 weeks after treatment ended, and it was just a general appointment to see how I was getting on.  She did say I'll get another one Sep/Oct.  I am guessing there'll be a scan carried out at it?

Like everybody after treatment Isuppose, I'm worried about the scan, what it will show - hopefully nothing.