What lube did you use ?

hey i no some of you have been using silk but I’m living in Ireland and don’t think it’s available here ? the hospital gave me ky jelly and I’ve done the deed twice and each time it burned not only me but my partner aswel , any suggestions on what else I could try ?? , thanks, melissa x. x. 

I actually use coconut oil. For sex and dilators. I’m still having issues with sex due to tightness but for dilators coconut oil works for me. I found sylk and ky too sticky.

Do you no what I have coconut oil down stairs and I was thinking will I or won’t I so now my minds made up il give it a bash lol , d burn from the lube was so bad the first time it happened I was thinking maybe it’s just because its my first time but the second time it burned even worse so that’s a no go from me , thanks for the tip and hopefully all goes well for you and u can get back to doing the deed soon too lol , Melissa x x 

I’ve just seen a few people on twitter recommend the brand YES. It’s made  natural ingredients. Think I’m gonna try this too. 

Oh really I must look into that because I’m all for natural products if I can , I tried the coconut oil and it done the job there was no burning like There had been with the ky jelly , so thanks for the tips , Melissa x x