What kind of aches/pain do you feel after treatment?

Dear Ladies,

My treatment ended 7 months ago. Now my body is experiencing all kind of aches - joint pain, ribcage ache, chestbone ache, occassional belly aches, hip bone ache. I wonder if it’s normal…

Hi. I'm 6 months post treatment and i also suffer from all the symptoms you have stated. I also haave bother from wind and contipation/diarrhoea.   I had an MRI can 3 monhs ago which showed i had 2 prolapsed discs.   Imention all these things to my doctors but none of them seem worried about it.   I reacon they know best and if theyre not worried im not going to worry either.  I had stage 2b adenocarcinoma diagnoised in Februar and got my first NED in November.   Hope this helps. 

Hi Eileen!

Thanks for sharing! I'm trying to get to know my new post treatment body. Kinda difficult with all the aches/pain which make me wonder if it's recurrence. I also have lots of gas (burping and passing wind) and digestive issues that are bothersome. Did a MRI in July when I had pelvic and backpain which showed stress injury and slipped disc. Think I will let my doctors know again and see what they have to say. Cheers! Happy new year :) 

Hi, sorry but thank god someone else is having the same issues as me! It's vile I hate it its driving me crazy!

I keep getting pains in my back and abdomen when I need to go to the toilet for a poo (sorry!) I also keep having extreme excess wind at both ends. I will be say there most nights and my stomach is making the loudest noises ever! People comment on it its that loud!

I get pains in my abdomen, hips, back and sometimes I ache all over so I think it's possibly normal - thank goodness! I have also got issues with my bowl but I've got a hole in my bladder so I am incontinent and I saw a specalist about it and he said bowl issyes come hand in hand some times - but the radio also causes bowl issues after treatment.

Thank you both for putting my mind at rest!

Dear Carmel,

Thanks for sharing! Yeah,  I also have aches ALL OVER MY BODY (arms, legs, belly, waist, hip, ribs, chest, fingers, toes...you name it) and feeling quite annoyed and frustrated. Having a hard time differentiating what's normal and not. I think I burp/fart more than 20 times a day especially after food. Today, even after drinking the PET/CT contrast liquid, I passed gas. Yeah I have bladder and bowel issues too. Couldn't really hold my bladder. Recently I had some bloody mucous in stool. Getting quite worried thus did a PET/CT today. Hope its ok. 

Fingers crossed for you! I've got my follow up pet scan tomorrow and my ct on the 25th then I will find out if the treatment has worked! Praying it has!

I am so sore today all over its really annoying as it's causing me pain when I walk as I ache all over - I think it's something to do with your muscles. I find a warm hot water bottle on my worst areas helps x

Dear Carmel,

I hope your results will be great!!! I feel especially anxious and fearful the few days before scan. Hope you are tolerating well!!! All the best for tomorrow and have NED!!!

Thank you Ashley, been for my scan so hopefully the anxiety settles down now!

good luck to you too and thank you xx

I got my results. ALL CLEAR 8 months post treatment!!. I can finally see a gastro doctor!!! Yay. All the best carmel!!


Hi Ashley.   Sorry I've not replied to you sooner but been busy with xmas/new year and then going back to work.   Yes i know what you and Carmel are speaking about when you say your whole body aches because i too suffer from this.   After reading many different posts I've noticed that tjis seems to be quite common but obviously it is a worry as it is before a scan and the wait after it for the results.   I'm so so pleased to see that you are NED after 8 months and long may it continue.   Can ypu let me know how yoy get on with your gastro appointment  as i too suffer greatly from the same issues as you.


Keep smiling Eileen. Xleem

Hi Carmel


Been following your post with Ashley and was wondering how you got on with your scan.   Hope alls well and that you too are NED as was Ashley.   Take care and hope to hear from you soon. 


Eileen. X