What is the treatment for early stage cervical cancer?

my mom  had an abnormal pap smear and my doctor is having her wait six months to have another one done. If the next one is positive,  she may have early stage cervical cancer. What treatments do they do in the early stages?





Hi Jared,


if the changes are mild/boderline then it is usual to wait six months as the changes may "correct" themselves.  Your mum may still test abnormal after 6 months as I did but that wont necessarily translate to a positive cancer result and she will undergo further testing etc to determine for sure.  You really just need to take one stage at a time and try not to worry about what it might be.  Unfortunately for me cancer has been found and I am at a more advanced stage than hoped and the treatment plans can vary depending on stage ant type of cancer but as I say, it really isn't worth worrying yourself about something that may not ever happen (easier said than done I know!).  Think positive and hope all goes well