What is the difference?

Hi everyone. I'm new here. I'm 31 years old and had 2 smears - one at 25 and one at 28 (both normal). My most recent smear result however came back as severe high grade abnormal cells and I was asked to attend a colposcopy. I must admit that I burst into tears when I got the letter because I had no knowledge of what happens if you get an abnormal result. I went to the appointment yesterday and the doctor explained that she would have a look around and if she found anything would remove the cells using LLETZ. I was all prepared for this but then when she went in she said there was only a small area of bad cells and decided to do thermocoagulation (a thermal treatment) instead. Does anyone know the difference between LLETZ and thermocoagulation? I didn't ask enough questions because I was in a bit of a daze and there's not much info online. I wasn't expecting to be offered the treatment on the same day but I'm glad it's over with. I now have to wait for a letter which she advised would probably show CIN 2 or 3. They also said they would test for HPV. Another question - Does anyone else feel like they have caught/have been carrying an STI? I keep wondering who has 'given it to me?' I know that it doesn't work like that that but the whole experience has made me rethink sex and what it can do to us. I've been with my current partner for ten years and haven't had lots of other relationships. I just hope I can rethink how I think about down there! Recovery wise - I have been using sanitary towels and have had a bit of blood and discharge so far. I've heard conflicting things about exercise and I work out with a PT once a week and attend spin classes. I'm wondering whether to just stick with light exercise until I've healed? I'm also being really careful not to wash too much down there including no Femfresh which I usually use on the outside area only. Can anyone share their washing and exercise following their treatments and the difference between thermocoagulation and LLETZ? Is this a postitube thing that I've had this different treatment? Thank you x

Hiya. I can't say what the difference is with the treatments I had LLETZ. Regarding exercise I wouldn't do too much for a couple of weeks I didn't bleed for a week then after 8 days bled really heavily for around 5 days, which the doctor gave me tablets to settle. Washing, I was told only to shower and not bath for 4 weeks, I just showered as normal using ordinary shower gels. Xx