What is normal? Bleeding issues

15 days ago I had LLETZ, it was a nice deep one for the glandular sort of cells.   


The first 7 days I had this horrid icky orange funny smelling discharge that gushed when I walked about.   Since then I've had bleeding everynday except last weds & Thursday.  It seems to be getting heavier each day and is more when I walk about.   Please tell me this is normal or do I need to get seen? I feel like my life is on hold because of this bleeding, can't really go anywhere much because I'm always having to changE pads.  


I didn't have much bleeding at all but I know everyone is different. If I were you I would phone the clinic and describe what's happening. I read somewhere that if it's more than a period you should go and get checked out. Hope it's all okay!

Kirsty xx


I am only on day 4 but this does not sound like what they described in the panflet.

Do call the clinic, your GP or 111 as you may have an infection. Not saying you do, as we are all different , but they may want to give you some antibiotics as a precaution. 

Really hope you feel better soon



I had period like bleeding for 5 weeks following LLETZ for glandular cell treatment but if you're worried and there is anything out of the norm for you then call your GP for advice.



Hi AllAboutTheBass

This sounds like how I was after LLETZ...the pads didnt soak it up fast enough so it almost felt like you had wet yourself! 3 weeks on and I'm finally down to regular pads, changing every 4/6 hours.

Have you been heavy lifting? exercising?


Michelle x


i have done nothing it's just every time I get up to walk about! I'm still feeling so drained after it all so not really back to normal activities yet.    I guess that's a sign I'm sat in my derrière too much ha Ha! It sounds like mine is like yours then, pretty normal.  



thankyou too sounds similar So I think I don't have to worry so much at the moment.