What is meant by persistant discharge?

Would light brown discharge 2 days a month be considered persistant because it's every month, or does persistant mean continious discharge? Waiting for results but worried because every month, about 5 days after my period ends, I have 2 days of light brown discharge. It goes away and doesn't happen again until, generally, the same day of the next month. I don't think it's from ovulation. The months I skip my period I have no discharge at all. Is this worrisome discharge or could it be perimenopause (I'm 39). The nurse said it can take a full week for the vagina to completely clean out after a period. Anyone else experience this? It's been going on for about 6 months and hasn't been getting worse, but the stuff I read on the internet scares me. Would cancerous discharge worsen in 6 months? I hate the internet for putting ideas in my head.


Thanks for listening. Sorry if I sound spazzy.  

I don't know if there is a medical definition of "persistent" but any concern you have you have the right to have it looked in to. Personally I have had a browny discharge after a period long before my current issues started and just assumed it was the remnants of my period. 

When do you get your results? Although your worried, When you say it doesn't happen when you don't have a period it makes it sound period related. 

All the best and let us know how you get on :) 

Hiya, I wouldn't say that two days per month is persistant. It sounds like it's just the tail end of your period and nothing serious to worry about. You say it doesn't happen when you don't have a period so therefore I would say that it is simply period related. You would only need to worry if your discharge was white or green and smelled really bad. You can always go to your GP for a chat if you still feel worried but I dont think that it's any cause for concern personally. At the end of the day if you know your own body and if it isn't what you would normally be used to or if it is causing you discomfort or distress I would defintely speak to your GP or a nurse about it to put your mind at ease.