What is everyone reading?

So my colposcopy is in 11 days and I'm trying to stay busy as it gets closer, I've taken up aqua aerobics with a friend and reading book after book, just finished Lena Dunham's "Not that kind of girl" and starting "the last days of Rabbit Hayes", which is about terminal cancer (...). My boyfriend has just left me and I'm really trying to keep it together somehow but I'm petrified. What are you reading/doing to keep you from thinking about colposcopies, biopsies, cancer diagnosis, test results?!

hi alizee

i just had my first smear at 25 and my results were borderline abnormalities and high risk HPV ,, i have never felt sick to the stomache ever and it has nout but played on my mind since i have my colposcopy on the 10th feb, i am sorry to hear your boyfriend has left you its never a good feeling specialy with how you feeling now, and its easy to say try to keep your mind occupied but not always the case, but it tends to help in ways, i am moving house so thats kept my mind of things and mediation appointments etc i cant really read i find it hard to conentrate at it is with my anxiety etc thers always somthink going on here, plus i have a 4 year little girl whos my world and keeps me busy, i use to go to the gym alot and do pilaties getting out and socialising not been able to much of that my self latley but i found that helped as i found working towards somthink else keeping fit instead of letting my self getting down about somthink else , i have read about alot of peoples stories on borderline abnormalities just to get an idea of what can be my results as i find that can be quite worring to but keeping my self occupied moving has been working, the aqua aerobics sounds fun :)

good luck keep us all updated thers loads of us out ther that are in the same boat :) x

Borderline is not worrying, you'll be fine. I'm surprised you've been asked to have a colposcopy as it's not even abnormal cells, just borderline. you'll be fine. I have low grade dyskaryosis, HPV and I have no kids (I'm 28). Thanks for your message anyway and keep us posted when you've had your colposcopy x

Hi Alizee,

Borderline and Low Grade are treated very similar by hospitals and a colposcopy will always be done if the smear shows hpv.


Hi Lottie,

It's good you've been reading stories on others with borderline. I think all i've read are good but it's obviously still bound to be a worrying time until you have a clear results.

Good luck both of you with your colposcopys x

So glad you asked! Here is my all-time favourite books list;

Audrey Niffenegger - The Time Traveller's Wife

Emma Donoghue - Room

Elizabeth Kostova - The Historian

C.J.Sansom - Winter In Madrid

Maggie O'Farrell - The Hand That First Held Mine

Martin Davies - The Conjuror's Bird

Mary Ann Shaffer & Annie Barrows - The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society

Check reviews on amazon to see if they are the kind of thing you want to read, but they are all absorbing / gripping and there isn't a word about cancer in any of them.

That lot should keep you busy!

Thanks Tivoli :-) I've read a couple but I'll check out the others :-D