What is CIN 111

I have just got my results back for my colposcopy appointment, my biopsies show CIN 111 but no evidence of cancer


I am getting loop treatment next thursday, to treat the CIN 111.


Is CIN 111 high abnormality that could be cancerous, im a bit confused what it is





I just had cinIII removed with clear margins. It's not cancer hun and your getting it removed before anything can turn bad.... yay

At least u sound more happy than the nurse that phoned me with results lol, she said your biopsies are clear but you have something on ure cervix she thinks it might be a polyop, so im thinking that is CIN 111 if my biopsies around it were clear.

i said so i can relax a little bit till i get loop treatment next wk, she said yes, but we need to test it to make sure it isnt cancerous

I had initial smear of cin2 but then lletz revealed it was in fact cin3, I sound happy now but a few weeks back I was just as confused as you. I didn't have a polyp but I know cin3 is abnormal cells on the cervix.. did she biopsy your polyp too? I did find the waiting but very hard and obviously the worst plays on your mind but if the cin3 was already tested and found to be non cancerous it's only a good thing. It would be silly to say don't worry as I was petrified but I had the same diagnosis as you so I do know how it feels hun. As for the polyp I am sure one of the other lovely ladies will be able to shed more light on that...



hi im not sure if she did a biopsy of the polyop as she said it was around the corner of my cervix not in the usual place, so that is why

i think they are going to move polyop by loop treatment to do a biospy on it, the nurse said we need to check it out before i can say you are in the clear

I see but it sounds good that the surrounding cells have been deemed non cancerous hun. Xx

When is your loop due ?

yes i was really happy until the nurse of doom said yes but ure not out of the woods yet, saying we have had an emergency meeting regarding your results, i got them back within 4 days


im thinking if it is cancerous, like you im happy that the cervix is clear so it would hopefully be just the polyop needing removed

the nurse is acting like there is something wrong before getting all the results in front of her first

will get loop next thursday, do you get results in 4 weeks after treatment




HI i had the loop in January and got my results 3 weeks after, my drs surgery rang (i missed the call and paniced when i saw the number) but it was the receptionist who told me my results were back and the dr said to have anot her smear in 6months time and wouldnt tell me anymore. Got my letter the day after from the hospital and it confimed CIN III and to book in to drs for a retest 6 months later. CIN III is not cancer its pre cancerous cells that if left could turn in to cancer (not always). Hope everything goes well on thursday try to keep calm its really not as bad as you think! x


thanks for that, i think the nurse has me confused, making it out to be something serious before getting results first

im quietly confident that the polyop will get removed and everything will hopefully be ok




I'm having lletz for cin3 tomorrow, I think it's a good thing they are getting you in for treatment, I don't have a polyp but they did spot a lesion, cin3 isn't cancer, we are lucky we are getting treatment as in time it could possibly get worse. Wishing you lots of luck that your treatment goes well. Can I ask if they want you to do a pregnancy test before? Best wishes xx

hi good luck to you tomorrow, they havent said anything about a pregnancy test, have u to do one?  im on the mini pill so dont think im pregnant

let me know how you get on with ure treatment, its good to talk to people who are going thru the same thing as u xx


Hi i never got asked about a pregnacy test before hand the dr took me in to a room explained what they were doing and why asked if i had any questions, i had to sign the form of consent (i had coloscopy and treatment at the same time) and then it was off to get changed into a gown. If you are nervous tell the nurse (i had 3 people in the room with me - the dr and 2 nurses one gets things etc for dr and the other was there to support and calm me. I explained i was nervous and the nurse was really lovely talking about random things to take my mind off it. The whole process took no longer than 20 mins that included talking to dr, getting changed, treatment and getting dressed again :) x


i wish i got treatment at the same time as coloscopy but i think the nurse wanted to take biopsies first just to check everything was ok,

im taking my mum with me for moral support this time, i went on my own before, roll on next thursday i just want it done and dusted xx


I took my partner but as we had no one to look after our 1 yr old i told him to take him to the cafe while i went in! I crnt tell you the relief I had leaving the hospital knowing I had finally had the treatment and a lovely shopping trip around York afterwards helped :)

Good luck xx


i thought u had to go home and rest after getting loop treatment lol, a shopping trip sounds good to me a little reward to myself, so is that  you all clear for another 6 months? xx

I had to go to mdt meeting, as my smear and colposcopy results didn't match up, they called last Monday and said I'd get a letter for lletz in 3-4 weeks, then they called yesterday to get me in tomorrow, they said I'll need to bring a sample in for a pregnancy test, then she said it's noted down here that you should bring someone with you. Had me a bit worried to be honest. Thanks for your info ladies xx

Good luck tomorrow, xx

It did on my leaflet but the dr was like go out and spoil yourself so i did lol! I think some places may be a little stricter than others as i read online you had o take someone to drive you home and you have to rest etc. I could never rest thats for sure I have a 5 yr old and a 1  yr old so its never rest time in our house! I felt fine after treatment no cramps, pain, bleeding or anything, a couple of days later I had a little spotting but nothing major!

Yep thats me done until next month until my 6 month smear - feeling a little nervous but i think thats quite natural during all this testing!




well i dont have anyone to drive me home so i will be busing it lol, i will just chill when i get home so im ok for work the next day, all the best to u next month, im sure it will be great news, xx

Thank you xx Sure it will all be ok, I'm taking my other half with me, can't wait to put this all behind me, it's hard not to think of the what if's all the time. Feel bad saying that though when I know there are a lot of ladies on here that have much more to worry about. Xx