What is and isn’t normal after lletz procedure

Hi I had a lletz procedure done on the 23rd of Oct, I am just wondering what the normal symptoms would be afterwards and if there is anything alarming to be looking out for? I got no leaflet or really after care on what is or isn’t normal so any little thing is making me a little worried. 

Hi Samantha,

I also had a lletz on the 23rd they said discharge and bleeding is quite normal but if it become foul smelling and your in quite alot of pain you could have an infection. My advice is if you think you have an infection go gp asap as i have an infection currently on metro. The pain was awful and the smell so glad i got it sorted.

Also you may loose black bits which is the scabs coming away which is normal. 

Hope this helps a little.


Rachael x

There are some really helpful and active facebook groups if you are looking for advice, although I would say to check with your doctor if you are not sure, as they really should provide you with advice and aftercare as it's quite negligent not too. 

'Teal Ladies CIN' is great for any short term issues. If you have any long term issues with recovery (hopefully you won't) I have a group on facebook called 'Healing From LLETZ"