What is abnormal bleeding

Hi. Inhad my lletz on 2nd July. The hospital said that any bleeding should be like my last period which was in 2017 and horrific. I take the pill that stops them.
This afternoon I started bleeding fairly heavily enough to change my pad every hour. There are also small clots. Is this normal?
Obviously not having had a period for years I am getting anxious about it. Will rest reduce the bleeding? Should I call someone?
Advice please ladies
Many thanks

You must have been given a contact phone number after your operation, or have a clinical nurse specialist at the hospital or GP surgery. Please give them a ring if you are worried - people here can try to reassure but we can’t see you or know what to tell you. Sounds like you are worried and need some advice from your healthcare team. X

Thanks for your reply.
I did speak to the nurses at the time and the time and they just kept telling me it would be a normal period so they were not very helpful. I’ll give them a call today but I sadly don’t have much faith that they will be either transparent or truthful. I felt fobbed off to be honest and have whenever I have spoken to them since.
I have always been a firm believer in the health care system but have felt very alone, ill informed and unsupported through this.

So sorry you’ve felt alone and uncared for. I think sometimes our health professionals are so used to things that are everyday and regular that they forget for a moment that for you what is happening is neither everyday nor regular. Small clots are not unusual for a period, but it the bleeding continues to be very heavy and not moderating at all then please give them another call, and if you’re still worried go to your local Urgent Care (there may well be a queue) and say you need to see someone as you’re losing a lot of blood.

I do hope it settles down for you. I had LLETZ twice, and a knife cone biopsy, but it was 20 years ago and I don’t remember having heavier periods than usual afterwards, but that may be my defective memory…

Decided to call up the colposcopy team. They have said that I may have been over doing things at work and to go in if the bleeding is prolonged and heavy. The nurse actually admitted that this takes a lot out of you and she advised to take it easy for another 4 weeks! She said even walking around all day could cause a bleed!
Thanks for your advice. Is much appreciated x

So glad you called your team. Sounds like you need to give yourself some TLC and let people look after you a bit more. :blush:. I hope it sorts out for you soon. X

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I wish I’d be told how wiped out I’d be after it too they really underplayed how bad I’d feel after. Hope you are much better now

Yes, I think reading so many posts on the forum that many women feel they are not adequately informed about these things, and down-play the after effects so that you ‘don’t worry’. Most people I find would rather have honesty, and if the side-effects turn out not to be so bad, they are relieved.

I finished cancer treatment 6 months ago and feeling much better now, thank you! X

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