What if 2nd LLETZ is unsuccessful???

Hi everyone, I had lletz 5 weeks ago and the results cam back CIN 3 + CGIN. I am booked in on wednesday for 2nd LLETZ. What are the chances of it being unsuccessful again and if it is, what are the next steps treatment wise?

Vikkie xxx

Hi Vikkie< I had a lletz 2 weeks ago and a pipelle, biopsy of womb as my smear showed CGIN, they phoned me a week later to say they hadn’t removed the cgin so oncology are having a meeting to decide the next steps…another lletz? a hysterectomy? unf I had a mahoooosive bleed 48 hours post surgery so my recoverys been so slow, how ere u? did u have a la or ga? As far as I have been informed they will do a repeat lletz if they are fairly confident they can get it all! Main thing is we are in the system and being looked after, scary to think these things are undiagnosed x

Hiya, thanks for your reply. I had it done under LA, wished id had the option for a GA as i found it very uncomfortable and emotionally distressing! I went for my second lletz last week and she was taking ages looking at my cervix and finally said there wasnt anythig there to remove. She thinks that when she did the first lletz, after she had removed the area that the remaining cells got burned off when she was finishing up the treatment. She wants to see me in 2 months and if everything is ok then every 6 months…not sure if I should be worried she could have missed something or trust her and be relieved that i didnt have to have a second procedure?
How are you feeling now?