What happens next?


I had a colposcopy on Monday and now I'm awaiting the results of the biopsy. They didn't seem too concerned when they did the test but I don't know whether that was just the staff were well trained.

They said the results can take 4-6 weeks but I am so scared of what may happen next. I can't seem to think about much else and this will drive me insane if it continues.

I've been reading about the LLETZ and it sounds horrible. I've got the lowest pain threshold ever and I even found the biopsy and stopping the bleeding afterwards uncomfortable.

What have been been doing when waiting for their results? I've spoken to friends and family and all they say is don't worry and it won't be anything but they don't know that. I feel like my feelings are being brushed off. It all makes things a little harder as I've only recently broke up with my boyfriend who knew I had an abnormal smear.

Any advice will be greatly appreciated.


Hey :) think my results took about 6 weeks and it was the longest 6 weeks of my life. I then had to have the lettz treatment, and it's really not that bad. I think everyone's experience seems to be different on here, but for me it wasn't any worse than the biopsy. In fact the tugging of the biopsy, I found worse! I was terrified but the nurses were so good with me and explained everything as they went. More waiting for results follows, but I was one of the lucky ones and was given the all clear :) to answer your questions though...... Whilst waiting for results, I was convinced that I had cancer, and couldn't think of anything else. Sometimes I would feel fine about everything, but other times I would get really panicky and have trouble sleeping. 


That was 5 months ago, and I hardly gave it a thought......... But I have my check up next month so starting to get scared again. I'm single too so don't really have anyone to really talk to as my friends have their own problems at the moment. However iv found being on here and reading other people's stories has made an amazing difference, and I don't feel so alone. 


Try to keep strong, and let us know how you get on :)

Katey x

Hi becky, i had to wait 5 weeks for my results n i only got them then because i phoned up the clinic. I am having loop treatment on wednesday, n i am now starting to be worried sick again. I went away last weekend to try and have a bit of a break from it all, did me the world of good, but now i’m back n worried sick again. I’m also on my own n don’t really have anyone to talk to, n now everyone thinks things are fine cos my biopsy results came back cin 3, but i’m still worried sick. I think the waiting through all of this is horrendous. I hope you results come back soon.

Hi Girls.

after my smear I was diganosed as having CIN2, so I was booked in for a colp. Went a long and it was inconclusive - the colposcopoist didn't want to do the LLETZ without a more thorough diagnosis so she took a biopsy. I had to wait 5 weeks and it was awful, I chased them up and was told I'd be getting my results sent out the next day, however nothing arrived by the end fo the week. I was then called by the clinic and booked in for a LLETZ treatment.... but I still hadn't actually received my results so I was soooo worried!  I was in absolute pieces. I finally got my letter through & CIN3 was confirmed.  I went along for the LLETZ, and to be honest - it was nowhere near as bad as I thought.  I hate the speculums so that was the worst part for me.  The local anaesthetic injection feels similar to the biopsy but after that the only thing I felt was a slight movement down there & heat coming from the wire loop.  I was a bit shaky and unsteady afterwards but the procedure itself really wasn't all that bad!!  

Be proud of yourselves that you're doing soemthing about the abnormal cells, the minor discomfort from the LLETZ is nothing when you think about what could happen if you don't have it done!  I'll admit I suffered a bit afterwards - it's like the worst period pain I've ever felt (but then I've not had periods or pain for years as I'm on the depo injection so I was bound to feel awful anyway!!) but a few nurofen and some hot tea makes things a lot better!!

Let me know if you want to know more about the LLETZ or healing etc.  Good luck,

L x

Thanks for the replies girls. It's definately the waiting and unknown which is the worse.


I'm a little unsure if I have an infection at the moment. I had the usual brown ish discharge for a few days afterwards. Then it stopped and I had sex (I was told to wait 5 days and I did) but then the next day I've started bleeding heavy.


My periods are all over the place at the moment which is so annoying as I wasn't having any periods up until a few months ago as I'm on Carrezette so I've called the hospital and now I'm waiting for the nurse to call back.


I am very much so falling out with my vagina so definately no more sex until all this is cleared up!!

It's amazing how much their instructions differ from one hospital to the next! After my colposcopy and biopsies I was told no sex, baths, tampons etc for 2 weeks. Then the same for 4 weeks after the LLETZ and then the same again for 6 weeks after the cone. 

my nurse has always told me throughout that if I'm bleeding enough to soak 2 pads an hour then to get myself to A&E but anything less than that was ok. Definitely right to check though - hope they get back to you soon and all is well x

Boop I feel so silly for having sex, honestly shouldn't have bothered!!!

I definately am not doing any sex, bath or tampons until all this is sorted.

I spoke with the Nurse and she said it doesn't sound like I have an infection so that's good but I am still bleedy quite heavy. Certainly not two pads an hour though. She said if I'm worried to go to emergency gyny but I'm not sure whether to or not. My main concern is I am feeling quite light headed and pale so worried about how much blood I'm losing but it doesn't sound like it's loads.

Hi Beckyboo, I know exactly how your feeling i had my biopsy done at the start of August and was originally told 2-3 weeks for results. I struggled sleeping for the entire time when I didn't get a letter I rand the hospital and was told over the phone I had cin3 and I would have an appointment sent out in a few weeks  I got my appointment yesterday I'm having LLETZ on the 30th of September. All I can advise is limit ur googling to proper website like this and talk to people, friends or family. Originally I didn't want anyone to know, then I told my best friends and the flood gates opened. I cried my heart out and afterwards I felt a little better. 

I was like u after my biopsy I was really sore and tender and I bled really heavily and still have intermittent bleeding now. I spoke to a nurse and she said at the end of the day ur body is not going to be happy with all the poking and prodding going on so it's expected!!


i really hope ur not waiting too long on ur biopsy results and remember there's always someone here who can talk to you (this website has been a god send since I joined yesterday)

keep the head up luv 

C x